1. Monday, July 28, 2008

    “if you’ve got a private secret passion for something you love…” 

    the LA Times went down to San Diego and brought back story after story about Comic-Con, the biggest convention in the world about comics and its relationship with Hollywood.

    and most of that coverage was on our newest blog, Hero Complex.

    now im probably the wrong person to talk to about something like this, being the Blog Editor and all, but it seems to me that events like Comic-Con, or oh i dont know, The Olympics, just might be best served on a medium like a blog.

    a multi-media medium where you can have video, and tons of photos… a place where you can update dozens of times a day, providing up-to-the-minute news and spectacle.

    a place where everyone who is as passionate as the attendees can camp out and geek out and enjoy and comment and gossip and discuss. as much as i love newsprint, i cant imagine any local paper allowing 40+ stories over 4 days for a comic book convention. it just isnt done. but you house such a thing on a blog and you shouldnt be surprised that it becomes one of the most popular places on your web site.

    speaking of video, the above piece was done by katy newton, and the key to it all is the wide range of participants. the one thread that you hear in all of these voices is love. they love the comicbook world, they love being surrounded by people of like interests, and they love telling the story.

    and i love that they got the head honcho of dc comics to stand still for that long so they could tell this story in this unique manner.