is the Hero Complex at Comic-Con?

in such a big way it’s pretty much the hottest thing of our 43 blogs. yes Gawker, we have 43. i know, omg.

we just got some video by Jevon Philips who interviewed Joss Whedon, above, and Eliza Dushku, as well as many others.

my favorite post so far has been this one from the Lost panel.

do i wish i had been down there this week and this weekend? yes. am i glad i was in LA to handle business from the mothership? heck yeah. infact my truest has hit LA and tomorrow she and jeanine and i will all re-unite like we did when we went to the famous art show.

and if we’re lucky we might even sip from a bottle of red wine that chris and i got in madrid during y2k that we wanted to bring back for jeanine but never got a chance to devour with her.

anyways enjoy the hero complex coverage of Comic-Con where you will also see some cameos by your favorite torontoian not named raymi sass fil pitt or carrie