1. Tuesday, July 29, 2008

    its tuesday which means ICU day at the times 

    and if it seems like im the vice president of the katy newton fan club, that could indeed be the case. i just really enjoy video journalism and its easy to cut and paste into m’ blawwwwg

    speaking of which i wanna send out a long distance shoutout to my girls danielle who is heartbroken but still blawwwwgin in san dieger, and my bff flagrant who has been mia somewhere (america? asia? antartica?) for more than a month and i dont really like it. my prayers are with both of you.

    while we’re saying prayers, light a candle for The Pants’ little sister who has found herself in the city of angels and who needs a job, a new bf, and a better event planner than the one who set her up with a prince.