morning roundup of rock

for ur ass

– a poetic response by Wonkette to a column in the LA Times makes the front page of the LA Times, which of course makes it back to Wonkette

– there are still 500 seats at laker games you can get for $10 each, despite the team raising the prices of tickets even though they lost the finals. miserably.

– meanwhile suzie is finding its hard to shake her ass past:

That interview for the dance instructor position went pretty well, that is until the guy asked me “did you ever dance at ….” I quickly responded “NO!” but I couldn’t help but feel I should’ve been honest. Are people even allowed to ask that?!?!? I would’ve liked to say, “yes, I was a stripper Sir” and then explain why I even bothered to try it….but the judgments “normal/mass” society automatically makes about a profession such as that, I honestly wasn’t prepared to deal /w. I suppose that was one of the main reasons I loved dancing; being a nice, somewhat inspirational girl in that hell hold. I just wish people would drop all their pre-conceived notions sometimes, but seeing as we’re bred that way I guess that would be almost impossible. *sigh*

– theres this blog post that just might make the front page of Digg (vote for it, yo) called 20 bloggers we’d like to see in bikinis. and you know, you might know one or two of them.

– omar sharif says f it in a beautiful and gorgeous way:

Earlier this year, the 76-year-old actor stopped defending himself against a civil suit by a valet he struck in the face outside a tony Beverly Hills steakhouse in 2005. Sharif, who had spent two years and tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees attempting to settle the case, concluded that he was, in the words of one of his lawyers, “being shaken down” based on his celebrity.

Others may have gritted their teeth and written a check. Sharif refused. He let his attorneys go and said he was representing himself. Then he did nothing. He wrote no motions and attended no depositions. He skipped the trial.

The result was a default judgment, including a bill for the plaintiff’s legal fees, of $445,000. A lopsided outcome, but perhaps not a satisfying one for the winner.

Sharif has no intention of paying a dime.

“His position is that the judgment is never going to be collected,” said his former lawyer, Martin D. Singer.

An Egyptian citizen, Sharif has no assets in the United States and nothing to lose by flouting the judgment, former and current attorneys for Sharif say. The unpaid civil award won’t prevent him from traveling to the U.S. or working in films in Egypt and Europe, as he often has in recent years.

– speaking of sharifs, oh i mean sheriffs, an assistant OC county sheriff testified against a former sheriff who allegedly doled out 86 badges to “friends” for the low low price of $1,000:

Haidl told federal agents that Carona’s goal was to sign up 1,000 reserves and collect a $1,000 donation for each badge in an effort to raise $1 million for his campaign war chest.

Once one of the former sheriff’s closest associates, Haidl also alleged that as an assistant sheriff he was promised a “get-out-of-jail-free card” and the power to arrest or “cut loose” any individuals he pleased.

– every time the pants writes its a good thing:

i am on a beer rampage. beer beer beer beer beer, beer beer. i never know what to say to myself anymore. i am less unhappy since i don’t work crazy morning hours anymore but i am more useless than ever and, at the moment, brokezilla the drunk. there is a good reason jolly roger is only supposed to be on tap during xmas, f’ing million proof pirate beer is lethal when everyone in washington has the warm weather crazies. we only get 2.5 months of perfect dream weather to make up for the drizzly grey bs so everyday is the end of the world in a town like tacoma where it’s still cool for everyone you know to have a drinking problem. apparently we can never go back to hanks.