my buddy pat is in town for his annual visit to america

pat is jeff whalen of tsar’s brother. he was the editor of the Daily Nexus when i was inspired to join up. and thus i owe him everything in regards to writing.

aside from that pat is just an overall great guy and smooth criminal.

his taste in music is without peer. his views on life are flawless.

and his choices in clothing and haircuts make us all smile. thats pat above, to the right.

jeff told me that pat was in town a few weeks ago. last year we had a boys night in, where we collected a bunch of former nexites at my small apartment and talked into the morning.

it was such a fun thing that jeff suggested a repeat. some of the boys couldnt make it, some new ones filled in for them. amazing conversations were had by all.

there was food, drink, cigarettes being smoked. photos were reviewed. stories were retold. the younger whalen ended up sleeping on the floor and pat took my bed as i chose the couch. as it should be.

some call me the blogfather, which is nice, but there are a few who i look up to and pat is definitely one of that small group. a man who no doubt has inspired the busblog in many subtle ways.

it was great to listen to guns n roses with him again.