my worlds are sorta colliding today

apparently the uber-popular blog boing boing (currently the #5 blog on technorati, but it spent years at #1) deleted about 70 posts from its archives. the target? anything referring to sex blogger Violet Blue (pictured).

not a very web 2.0 thing to do from a group of extremely savvy and smart web experts and leaders.

yesterday david sarno’s blog Web Scout talked with Violet who said she had no clue why they would do such a thing.

today boing boing wrote a post admitting that they “unpublished” the posts but it was a private matter and hoped that everyone would appreciate the fact that it was happening on a “personal” blog.

unfortch the double b is not a personal blog, it’s a groundbreaking group blog that has set the bar for many contenders and pretenders. it’s the reason many other blogs are around. the superstars who write there are all internet celebs to a certain degree, all for the right reasons. and this web 0.2 action of taking down posts is curious at best. disappointing at worst.

anyways the drama continues. just ask metafilter who has hundreds (888 as of blogtime) of comments on this topic.

self portrait of violet blue via her flickr account (some pics nsfw)