1. Tuesday, July 29, 2008

    ok fine, so i dont react all omg omg to earthquakes, 

    but everyone in the world does

    and our fine paper covered it beautifully. and to be honest, it was sorta awesome to be in the belly of the beast as they covered it.

    on our local blog, LA Now we had almost 20 posts from all over LA

    we had a pretty sizable photo gallery of damage and reaction

    we had a message board of over 1,000 comments ranging from the insightful to the humorous

    a story about what closed and what was delayed cuz of the tremblah

    a story on how the phone system in LA got waaaay overloaded

    we had a map of the 10 biggest quakes in So Cal

    and we have a cool flash player to teach you how to quake proof yr home