questions asked, answers questioned

or something

aham23: 5 or 3? which way did you go man?

those were girls clothes. i bought a churro, some bootleg dvds, a sparkley belt for the cougar, and a bike rack for my trunk.

adrienne: list me off three things in this world you are sure of.

my mother loves me, there is a God, the busblog will never end.

Ciavarro: Will I or won’t I pass out during the ceremony on September 6?

if i knew for certain that you would, i would consider making the hike up there. but i doubt it. italian men might be sensitive, but making the most important decision of your (schween’s) life is nothing to pass out over.

Sharp (Azreal Darkskies): What comic books did you grow up reading? Are you as excited for Dark Knight as I am?

Mad, Cracked, and Crazy – none of the superhero ones. I was the superhero, i didnt need comics. Jazzed about the Dark Knight? No. Christian Bale isnt my type of Batman. I didn’t mind the last one Batman Begins or whatever, but Michael Keaton was troubled and to me those are the best comic book heroes. Bale is too much a pretty boy. A poor man’s Tom Cruise.

xtx: Would you make lust to a Real Doll? (don’t lie….)

I’ve had enough real women who act like the Real Doll that i can honestly say no. I wouldnt mind having one lounging around the house to freak out guests, but i would not have relations with her.

tina: when weed doesnt work, f or be f’ed?

i can honestly say i have no f’ing idea what on earth you are talking about.

Steven Allen Adams: Should Jesse Jackson be honest and admit what we already know: that he’s jealous of Barack Obama?

it would be beautiful since many people didnt like Jesse even before the incident, and it would add a new dimension to his personality that some might not have seen: humility.

lily: how’s it like living in LA? do you encounter folks like masuimi max or henry rollins?

i love LA with all my heart. its not for everyone. but if you like running into stars then this is pretty much the only place that i can imagine you can do it and not even realize it. never heard of masuimi, but i just Google Imaged her ass and wowza. i had actually interviewed Rollins many many moons ago and drove him around Hollywood before he opened for Gwar. Great guy. super intense. very smart. but yes, if you live in hollywood or santa monica or malibu you will see stars all the time. (theyre just like us)

John: Is hell eternal?

if Heaven is, then Hell has to be. which is why i try to be as good as i can be. because id rather have eternal Paradise instead of eternal Damnation. a bad day on Earth is bad enough, let alone a bad year. i dont wanna know what eternal bad is all about.

pitt: wtf is with the jays and no offense? and this bs about firing our beer vendor for selling to a guy 3 years past the age of majority? did you know perry farrell is a play on the word “peripheral”?

canada has an odd relationship with booze. even more odd than we have in the states. you should be able to buy anywhere. and if you sell to someone OVER the age you should not be f’ed with. its too subjective to say that “oh he looked under 25”. and no i didnt know that about perry which means you win the prize. send me your address and i will have it in the mail to you shortly.

Krista: best question? Name your dream president and vice president. (worst question ever)

busblog/oceanaria 2016

4rilla: Thoughts on the Harden/Gaudin deal? How do you feel about the winning division of the All Star game having home field in the World Series? I know you like Shep and Kobe, have you seen this?

Harden might be injury prone. i dont care. its the thought that counts. and the Cubs are doing all the right things. im not sure why they didnt get CC instead but whatevs. we got the second best dude out there which is a ton better than what StL got (nada). i do like Shep, but not Kobe. im Team Shaq. for lyfe. and im not crazy about that poster. looks like he put the obama filter on it.

top photo of my backyard via cowicide, bottom photo of my vp by oceanaria