this is me feeling old

when i was a kid there wasnt any sort of music or dance craze that i couldnt get behind.

other than anything on Solid Gold.

but as i have gotten older i seem to hate more and more music: Coldplay, John Mayer, Phish, new Radiohead, new Beck, Jack Johnson, etc.

there are some exceptions to that list, like *some* of their tunes might be passable, but theres one type of music i cant stand, even a little: techno.

thus when i read something about a new dance called Tecktonik (a.k.a. Tektonik), as described in this post on Soundboard, it makes me wretch.

Is it dancing? Is it music? Is it worthwhile? Isn’t it so bad that it’s even hard to take seriously? Who couldnt swing their arms around like that? Who couldnt get a series of synthesizers to make such annoying noises?

Are the drugs today that good?

Clearly they must be.