two of my longest loves

came over yesterday. there was wine, women, and song.

just like it oughtta be.

often i talk about love here on this url and if it bores you, sorry. maybe its cuz im a libra. maybe its cuz im a cubfan. maybe its because love is everywhere and its hard not to want to sigh over. maybe because its what drives some people, like me.

yesterday chris came over and we drove around LA, we drove to the grove to get her a new iphone and we were turned away cuz apparently they are rationing them. they have an interesting deal going there, you can show up at 8am and they hand out tickets. then you have all day to redeem your ticket for the opportunity to buy an iphone. so technically theyre not sold out after noon, cuz they have iphones in the back, and some for tomorrows lottery. and the next day, etc. but if you show up, say 1pm, with your truest but no ticket, then you get no phone.

so we ate crawfish at the farmers market. after crepes. and before ice cream.

then we drove back to my place to drink wine with jeanine.

the wine was special. right around y2k tsar played in madrid, spain. many of our friends flew out there to ring in the new year. why not? chris and i were about to break up. our bags were packed, our lease was about to run out, we knew what was gonna happen and we were suprisingly good about it. so i said, lets go to madrid with our amigos and she said si papi.

the only one who couldnt make the trip was jeanine.

one night all of the friends went to a little tapas place called el abuelo. getting 20 people to show up at one place wihtout cell phone or email or text messages, and in a foreign land, was a tough trick but we all got there and ate shrimp and fish and tapas and we drank the most wonderful wine. it was so good and surprisingly cheap ($4 a bottle). chris and i decided that we would bring back a few bottles. one for my boss who had given me the time off, one for each of our parents, and one for jeanine.

for some reason any time chris and jeanine had been to my house together we forgot to drink the bottle of wine… until yesterday. jeanine and chris hadnt seen each other for over two years cuz chris was saving the world in uganda. i was very afraid that the cheap wine wouldnt keep. i was also nervous that maybe it was just the vibe in madrid that made the wine seem so delish. but im happy to report that no no the wine was wonderful, as was the company.

but of course. but of course.

update: video evidence of jeanine rockin