starring angelina jolie, morgan freeman, and james mcavoy

this film is the perfectionists dream. absolute marksmanship, specialists, teamwork, spiritual metaphysics that literally defy actualphysics.

its also the teen boy summer filmgoers dream. fast cars, guns and knives, explosions, fights, cussing, and angelina jolie angelina jolie and angelina jolie.

like in the photo above shes badder than shes ever been. shes more focused. all of her tattoos are on display and from the moment she hits the screen she is the dominant force to be reckoned with even if shes simply staring down the barrel of a gun.

but the star of the show is the director whose eastern euro name i cant even pronounce so why bother even write it down. for the sake or convenience we will call him bro. bro is a master of light and darkness, color and shadow, speed and slo mo. we are in his world and hes on acid. and like the bullets that can curve, its not an accident, its a desired act of english. its tiger woods backspin, its a ryan express moving fastball, its the sway of the hem of a hot girl in a perfect skirt.

good beginning, better middle, perfect ending.

wanted is everything i wanted from a fast paced highly stylized beautifully shot close your eyes and floor it summer action film created for adults who want to strap in and ride with it.

its so good i might even look up bros name in imdb.