my problem is i like to eat

i went over to her plush apartment and she was sitting there stretched out on the couch.

little pink fuzzy slippers on.

little shiny smile on. said, whaddya wanna do?

i said eat.

she said whaddya wanna eat?

and the problem with some babes is they really are too young. i think im starting to learn that. they havent figured out how to talk in a sexy way so they really shouldnt practice with a senior citizen.

its like trying to pull away from the curb in a little car that has stick shift and jumping from first gear to fourth. not only isnt it meant to go that way but you really should squeal before you moan.

said suzy q’s.

she was all, whats a suzy q?

poor girl wasnt schooled in the world of hostess baked goods?

this is whats wrong with america.

they dont tell you this but los angeles is a far more diverse place than pretty much anywhere other than new york, but in some cases even more diverse. this one was from a planet i cant even pronounce. but i’ll try.


she wasnt as hot as miss iowa ’99, but close. but looks are the devils three card monte. you think you have the game won and all of a sudden life flips over the truth and youve lost. so the best idea is to look into their heart.

lemme see your heart baby, you say as you lean down to kiss her clavicle. she jerks away surprised cuz your stubble has grown in but hell its 12:30 at night. one of us hasnt shaved since 8am and the other one of us is probably too young to shave anywhere.

you root down in search of the heart and yes that sounds like second gear,

maybe i should release the clutch.

or whatever that is

as the shadows start speaking the international language of hi.

this is a picture of karisa doing a mini triathlon

i think you start off with a swim in the ocean, then you ride your bike like 15-20 miles, then you do like a half marathon.

no big whoop.

thats what i love about this picture. for most of us the mile or two that youd have to swim would be a workout all its own. or the prospect of a huge run after the long bike race would be enough to make you all, !@#!@#@, but theres karisa just smiling away like its the most fun thing in the world.

maybe it is the most fun thing in the world. but i will never know because i still have two flat tires on my bike and my swim suit says Chicago Cubs on it.

speaking of politics. lets talk about politics. the busblog has been amazingly consistent in its stance about being partisan. i believe that people do themselves a disservice when they say oh im a liberal or oh yeah im a conservative. what is that?

if you ask me all thats doing is allowing the politicians to suck at their jobs.

if i knew, for example that no matter what i wrote, day in, day out, i would have millions and millions of readers who might whine a tad but ultimately support me when it mattered, i would end up being the laziest, fattest, most boring blogger ever. but because i know that on any given day you might leave the busblog and never come back it sorta makes me have to earn it each and every day.

i think thats healthy.

but in politics people choose their sides and mostly stick with em. they dont care what positions their “party” goes for, they will back them. the dems for example gained the majority in congress after the last elections. many think they were hired to go in there and end this war, impeach the president, and stop all this crazy spending. the democrat-led congress has done none of that. they havent even tried. and the result? yawns from the people who took time out to vote for them.

same could be said for the republicans. conservatism is based around certain ideals like a small government, a balanced budget, and a strong national defense. this administration has a bloated government, the highest deficit ever, and a military that is busying itself with the furthest thing from a defense – more like an offense.

when you allow “your” party to veer so far off it’s goals AND THEN continue to support them, then you have become part of the problem.

american citizens should go back to being the employer. we can vote out whoever we want. we can vote in whoever fits what we believe in and what they say they will do. if they dont do what they say they are going to do, they should be fired. period.

instead we coddle them and pretend that if we vote for others our world will crumble.

meanwhile our world goes through massive changes everyday regardless. and id have to say most of that is due to our own doing and our lack of individualism and courage to do the right thing.

if you felt a disturbance in the Force

it was because one of our friends, Dino Scoppettone passed away last night.

in a very weird moment, i prayed for dino in the middle of the night. every night before i go to sleep i pray. but for some reason last night i forgot to include him. it was late, so technically he was already gone, but i didnt know that. so when i had been asleep for a few minutes something got into my head and said, i think you forgot to pray for dino. so i did.

this morning the Nexus email backchannel was circulating the emails that he had lost his fight to Sarcoma Cancer found in his liver and kidney.

because im an optimist, i want to believe that last night i was woken up when dino was at the pearly gates and st. peter said, hmmmm scoppettone, why does that name sound familiar? and dino said, i worked at EA sports? and dino said, no, no. and dino said, i went to UC Santa Barbara? and st. peter said, hmmmm, what else? and dino said i wrote at the Daily Nexus? and st. peter picked up the phone and called me in my sleep and said, can you vouch for one dino scoppettone? which is when i was glad to say – heck yeah st. peter!

Dino’s dad wrote this last night:

My son, Dino passed away this evening a little after 8PM. My heart hurts to say it and I know yours hurts to hear it. But this was Dino’s Journey. Over the months, on those nights when I thought about losing him, I stayed away from it by insisting on focusing on the present. For most of my life, I’ve been something of a rehearsed man, often planning things months in advance. No more. I told myself that I will know what to say if this day ever comes, and now this day is here.

My son was a beautiful man who belonged to all who knew him. No loner was he, but rather a blend of everyone he met and loved, interwoven with his buddies and their children and their parents and his workmates. Though he didn’t raise a family of his own, he belonged to many families, and over the past weeks and months, we’ve had the privilege to meet them, all wonderful people.

When I finished a novel some years ago, he read it, and re-read it, and re-read it again, each time adding a missing comma or suggesting another way to punch up a phrase. And each time I trusted him. He and I spoke the same language.

When it came time for him to move on tonight, his mother, Mary was rubbing his hair, and around his bed, everyone touched him gently; my wife, MiMi; my son, Nick with his fiance, Amber; Dean’s stepbrother, Chris and his girl Virginia; and his good friend, Andrew McGraw. Moments after he passed, Carlos arrived, as well as Dino’s special friend, Andi who had flown from Seattle.

Over the months, as we saw all the responses to his blogs, it became apparent that there were many people we had never met. Can I ask a favor of all of you? We really need to touch you, whether truly hand in hand or by e-mail. Here’s my e-mail address: If you knew my son or read his blog, would you e-mail me and tell me your thoughts? This journey of the last three months wasn’t done alone, it was done with all of you.

I will let you know of the funeral arrangements as soon as I know. For sure, the gathering will be in Santa Cruz. Hold us in your hearts. We love you all. And my boy continues on the grandest journey of them all.

when i was sports editor of the nexus, dino wrote about soccer (i believe) for me. always friendly, always boisterous. definitely a part of the team. this news makes me pretty sad because there was something about the nexus that made me think we were all indestructible. the truth of the matter, sadly, is we’re all mortal and we never know when this escalator to everywhere is gonna be over.

so kiss the girl you have a crush on, eat all your gelato, and hug yr friends extra hard.

glad to know youre in the good place, dino. you deserve it.