theres a book about to be released called I Hate New Music

or something

and even though you know i go to coachella and sxsw and i try so hard to love the new stuff. how can you beat the metal of the 80s or the hard rock of the 70s?

the only thing that comes close is when new bands cover old bands, like in this example of Killswitch Engage doing Holy Diver.

true theres Arcade Fire and the Ting Tings and Tsar but youve gotta admit that compared to the 70s and 80s these days are slim pickens in regards to great bands.

wheres the zeppelins and skynards and nirvanas? wheres this generations jimi or kurt? where are the great singers or classic songs? when i first heard With or Without You driving down the 405 in the middle of the night i got chills.

same as the first time i heard Every Breath You Take. same as when i heard Jump.

same as when i first heard Crazy Train.

i love Arcade Fire with my whole heart but they aint written no Crazy Trains ever.

maybe the kids dont sell their souls to the devil any more. or maybe theyve given up on the power of prayer.

but worse, maybe theyve forgotten that rock n roll is about rebellion and creativity and giving the middle finger to The Man.

maybe they dont have anything to rebel against with Bush/Cheney, since lifes been so great with them in office. yeah that must be it.

joe scarborough was a GOP congressman not long ago

yesterday he accused msnbc personalities of not being truly Independents in some very awkward but interesting television

later msnbc’s keith olbermann, who’s “special comments” are almost always anti-republican tells joe scarborough to “get a shovel” when scarborough talks about mccain’s standing in the polls. joe hangs in there and comes across much better than he did earlier in the morning

in matt welch’s bio on mccain “myth of a maverick” welch suggests that the senator is much better as a counter-puncher in debates, i’d have to say that morning joe is probably the same way.