your favorite soon-to-be film about pelvic exams is a finalist in a contest

and you can help it win $10,000 today, which in turn will help countless numbers of women

you may remember this interview i did with my great friend AJ in january. she is muscle behind At Your Cervix, the documentary about making pelvic exams comfortable and respectful.

the film shows some controversial and revolutionary approaches to teaching doctors how to better treat the women that they examine.

aj and “at your cervix” is in the last stages of finishing up and they need some funding to complete everything. there are two ways that you can help this really interesting and super important film

either you can flow them some cash via paypal

or you can do something that wont cost you anything other than about 45 seconds of your time:

a site called Ideablob is giving $10,000 away to an idea (like this film) that gets the most votes. to vote for At Your Cervix, which is now a finalist in the contest, you just sign in to ideablob, all they ask for is a username and a password and an email address. then they send you a confirmation email which you click. then you vote. it all takes under a minute.

so help out women everywhere by helping out aj and this great film.

job well done

today barack obama, the first black man to win the nomination of the democratic party, accepted and gave a pretty good speech.

today john mccain, a war hero, and a guy who is about accept the nomination from his party in a few days, delivered a really good ad.

as they say on the interwebs [this is good]

if you live in LA you might see a familiar face on the cover of Metromix

yes thats our very own Ali Miller, formerly of LAist, now writing music and tech for Metromix, and clearly now doing a little extra credit modeling for the free weekly newspaper.

one of the little surprises working here was getting to meet the metromixers, who are all super cool, very smart, extremely hard-working, and who are providing a younger injection of coverage that most daily newspapers cant/wont/dont supply.

ali, a native valley girl who also writes a video game blog called Guitar Heroine was a perfect fit with metromix(as was sarah a.) as soon as she was hired over there. shes always down for whatever and im glad that they’re not just putting her copy on the cover but also her hotness. truth be told pretty much everyone in that office could make the cover, but thats beside the point.

you may have seen ali on the busblog when she met sarah silverman, when she rocked out with me at the camper van/soul aslyum/sunset strip fest, or when i hosted one of many laist bbqs

kudos, ali.

theres good people on this planet

maybe theyre harder to find in hollywood. maybe theyre easier to find in your neck of the world. for some reason ive never had problems finding them. maybe its cuz i dont care what people look like what sorta clothes they wear what sorta bus they ride.

work has been hard lately. i dont know why. same job. we’re gonna do record numbers again. maybe its hard cuz ive been staying up every night during the olympics helping out and now staying up for the elections too.

plus the cheerleaders knock on the front door tap on the windows and bang on the back door.

i dont perform with any of the magic that i used to.

they dont care. or they dont notice.

or have never seen what its supposed to be like.

its supposed to be otherworldly. youre supposed to weep a little after.

youre supposed to shake a lil. youre supposed to change.

youre supposed to die a smidge.

maybe youve been in slam pits. maybe youve been in some situations where you didnt know what was gonna come next. maybe you knew there was danger ahead. and you floored it there. its supposed to be a little like that.

or a lot like that. its supposed to be so good so bad so


that youre supposed to have a secret afterwards. you shouldnt be able to talk about it at work. you shouldnt be able to blog about it and you definatly shouldnt be able to explain every detail to your mom.

you shouldnt roll over afterwards and say

k wanna play wii now?