i got a phone call yesterday

from a republican friend who said that he was sure that all my liberal friends were shaking in their boots because of sarah palin

i reminded my friend that my liberal friends dont wear boots, that most of them live in california. they wear sandals or sneakers. and i told them that the last time that any of them were nervous, lets say, about a soccer mom was when one was heard climbing the stairs as they were humping their daughter.

does it frighten me that a woman like sarah palin might be a heartbeat away from being the president?

it doesnt bother me one bit. but i have noticed more blogging spittakes surrounding this woman than anyone ive ever seen at any time. from rumors that as mayor she fired her police chief and librarian because they werent gonna vote for her, to the admission that she flew from texas to seattle to alaska after her water broke she started leaking fluid (i am learning there is a difference), to how she liked ron paul over mccain, to how she loves to kill things, to how her husband and son arent registered republicans, to how she is bffs with ted stevens to … so many things, heres a crazy list if you need to catch up.

is all of this based out of sexism? or is this woman really not at all qualified and has many questionmarks in her closet?

all i know is i never got to make out with more women out of my league than during the bush administration.

so i got no probs with the vpilf as the kids are saying, infact most of my liberal friends are in comedy or screen writing or entertainment and they should pray for mccain/palin because the material would be amazing. just look at jon stewart’s comedy nipples get hard.

hey look its my favorite wonketter

(next to ken layne).

its sara k smith and her sidekick “jim”!

wonkette is on fire and in the belly of the beast in st. paul for the rnc convention slash telethon(?!). they got screwed cuz the prez aint comin now, the vice prez aint comin now, the governator aint comin now. heck they’ll get lucky if the dream ticket arrives.

but theres plenty of free parking!

see, read wonkette for an hour and the snark flows right out. and mccain picking governor palin was like an early christmas gift for wonkette. seriously though the sweetest thing to happen in the blogosphere this year was nick denton selling wonkette to ken layne for a bag of magic beans.

however, as happy as i am to see that sk and jim (who “covered” gov. palin way back in may) are at the convention, where is our man dan? this picture above is clearly taken by a drunkard with a very dirty iPhone. wheres ole dan and his fancy imported long lens?

americas hottest blogger needs to be exploited photographed in a professional manner! i want some proper lighting, some Leica or Nikon love for our girl. i saw better pixel resolution off that mars lander. wtf!

hey its my two favorite dutchies

my space bar is broke on my laptop so ifyousee wordsmushedtogether then you know im not drunk. it seems like the right side of the button is bad not the left so im using my left thumb. and it seems to be doing the job.

anyways since todays sunday lets say a little prayer to our friends in the gulf coast.

theres a blowhard on cnn rambling on about how hes getting info on “twitter and myspace”. hes telling his director about this or that. a real roll up your sleeves and lets “go forward” on this breaking story. sorta disgusting sorta alpha male fascinating. as if he wants to literally strangle the hurricane himself and provide play by play on how he’s doing it.

comedy on what will surely be a tragic story in no time.

i also dont trust that thats all his own hair.

there was a time when i wasnt so cynical. hard to remember that far back but im sure it wasnt the day i was spanked into life. which is why i admire my dutch friends in the photo. intelligent, alert, but optimistic. neither of them think about america as a goal in their lives.

maybe vancouver for justagirl. maybe paris for bicyclemark.

dont they know this is the greatest country in the world? dont they know that here you can be the mayor of a town with as many people as can sit in the bleachers of wrigley field and then become governor and before your first term is over you can be a heartbeat away from president? (and what a heartbeat, indeed.)

that doesnt happen in paris. or canaduh. sorry yo.

once upon a time, back when i was idealistic, i was told that anyone could be presidnet of the united states.

im finally starting to believe that again.

thank you america.