alex jones vs michelle malkin

in front of the denver mint

alex jones is one of the loudest “Truthers”, those who believe there are many unanswered questions regarding 9/11, and poses the idea that the government might be behind much of terrorism. hes on scores of radio stations around the country and has several websites. hes an aquarius.

michele malkin is one of the loudest right wing apologists. when she is called an asian ann coulter she says its a compliment, except for the asian part, she prefers to be called an american. it makes sense that she tries to distance herself from her asian background since her most controversial book is titled “In Defense of Internment”. she has two popular blogs, hot air and, the latter was most recently successful in causing a fuss about tv chef rachel ray’s scarf in a dunkin donuts ad. she’s a regular on fox news and her newspaper column is distributed around the country. michelle is a libra.

today michelle and alex met face to face outside of the denver mint during the dnc convention. alex did a lot of screaming. michelle held up her little camera and tried to take video of whoknowswhat but quickly retreated as members of the demonstration yelled “kill michelle malkin”.

it wasnt americas finest moment, but it was a glimpse of what happens when extremists meet in the wild.

astrologically the pair are perfect for each other. in reality… not so much.

as you can see in the video there are cameras everywhere. if you go to youtube you can see several different angles of this confrontation.