1. Thursday, August 7, 2008

    im bummed the bears couldnt get brett favre 

    but of course they couldnt.

    im bummed the cubs werent able to play yesterday cuz they woulda won.
    im bummed i wasnt able to go to the fancy hollywood party, but i had to work.
    but at least it was interesting work and part of it involved writing on our olympic blog.
    im bummed the cougar doesnt understand the difference between dating and being married
    im also bummed she cut her hair because for some ridiculous reason it looks hot that way
    im bummed its friday already cuz i want to go to vegas and im not really ready
    im bummed big brother is poop this summer
    im bummed the new randy newman record seems like a sleepwalk
    im bummed i get so tired so quickly nowadays because it makes me feel olde
    im bummed its 100 degrees in vegas this weekend cuz thats sorta hot even for me
    im bummed im not in first place in any of my fantasy leagues
    im bummed i dont feel like doing a pineapple express review for you (go see it now)
    im bummed your summer intern isnt as great as ours. look at this story bro wrote yesterday
    im bummed artie is in rehab cuz that means he hit rock bottom while on vacation
    im bummed i havent gotten my bike fixed yet
    im bummed i might not be able to go to vegas cuz what if i hafta work this weekend
    im bummed theres not a hot tub in this mansion
    im bummed the latest teen doesnt have esp so she could drive over with some ice cream
    im bummed that i have actually very little to be bummed about because that means that very little in here was true.

    photo by tama leaver via flickr