1. Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    the palm trees have no expectations. 

    they just stand there proudly and glorious, varied and tropical.

    they dont yearn to be oaks or miss their childhoods.

    they dont whine to be transplanted or bitch when theyre trimmed.

    parrots nest in their holey bits, ants march up their lower parts,
    squirrels scamper, dogs piss,
    tourists lean,
    but theyre not mean.

    o palm trees of foreign lands
    watching patiently above the rock bands
    who play on balconies next to the sea
    o palm trees please talk to me


    palm tree!

    youre nuts

    palm tree!!

    you need some rest


    palm tree of the desert, palm tree of my dreams
    palm tree of the summertime, palm tree of the forced rhyme

    butterflies adore ye
    so ignore the jealousy
    of the maplewood, and the evergreen
    and the wipporwill and the lesser trees.

    but where are your coconuts
    or bananas, where are your fruit cups
    or fandangos
    where is your toy suprise
    wheres your blue eyes
    wheres your hanging branch
    for our tire ride?

    oh palm trees of my day dreams
    swaying gracefully in the heavy rains
    never shiverring, always solid gold
    soon you’ll make the
    telephone pole

    – busblog, 2/4/05