she was all what if i went swimming

i was all swim. she was like what if i went swimming with a handsome boy. i said swim baby swim.

she said what if i went swimming dipping. i was all call it what you want but i want you happy in life.

she was but what if a wave threw me at him and what if i liked it.

i said i want you to like everything. i want you to love everything. who am i to stop the sun from shining. why would i stop the mountains.

why would i slow down the rollercoaster of life.

she went but what if i kiss him in the sea. and what if i dont stop. and i was all why would you stop.

she was like but what if we do all the things you probably shouldnt do with someone you met on the beach volleyball court. and i said well in a perfect world we wouldnt have to worry about bad things that come with such spontaneity but know in theory i wish that we could all meet people who make us want to hold on and not let go. every day.

but especially on the beach and then in the sea.

she said whats the catch. i said aint no catch. she said everyones got a catch i said my catch is be happy. my catch is dont get stuck in the rip tide just because of this or that.

be happy and when youre not swim back to the sand and eat a corn dog with every one.

she was all a corn dog? i was like in america they put a hot dog on a stick and dip it in magic and cook it then you put some mustard on it and its called a corn dog and you eat them at the beach or at the mall or at the county fair.

she was all, what if i want to move to america and never go back.

i said you’ll wanna go back.

and that would be ok too.

because the skys not really blue.

and you dont owe me, and i dont owe you.