1. Wednesday, August 6, 2008

    subject: Are you back from camping? 

    Hi Tony. Hope all is well with you. Are you back from camping? Did you all have a great time? Did everyone come?

    I don’t know why I ask all of these questions because you will answer with few words!!

    Did you see the Cubs last night? I got stuck at work until 8:30 P.M. because of the HORRIBLE storm. I think I heard there were over 50K strikes of lightening.

    Tornado sirens sounded in Itasca though it was hard to hear them. The lights went out a couple of times. But I couldn’t get to my car because it was raining so hard. I should have taken a picture of where we had to stand. If there had been a tornado, the big metal water pumps that we were standing near would have killed us.

    Love ya.

    + + + +

    Hi Mom,

    yes im back from camping. yes it was fun. almost everyone came. of the missing were Linda and her little daughter, chris, james, and a few others. but we accounted for most of the lake. it was super fun.

    i did see the Cubs game. it was on ESPN and thanks to the rain delay i was able to see the lightening strike on the friendly confines shortly after getting home.

    why do you live out there, again?

    the next time im back home i will crank up the volume of the Itasca sirens. someone seems like slackers out there. maybe the ones in medinah would be louder.