My answers to questions

posed to Raymi, starring photos from an abandoned porsche in the LAT parking garage

1) When did you start your blog, and why?

i started blogging in august of 2001 because i was bored of my dumb job and i hated life and i didnt wanna hang myself or jump off a bridge. i wanted to escape. i wanted to tell my story. i wanted to run to a world where i had some say because i had very little say editing the closed captions. i wanted to explain what the xbi was and how pissed i was that they put me on that assignment. i wanted to have a living record of what i was up to and what chopper one was all about if/when i got shot. i wanted to impress the ladies of true hollywood story, i wanted to explain that a man really could get dates when he had no car in LA, i wanted to prove i mattered.

2) What is your favourite aspect of blogging?

the absolute freedom to write whatever, whenever, and about whomever. basically if youre not full of crap you are free. ive seen lots of bloggers who find themselves stuck in corners because they have agendas or axes to grind or people to protect or appearances to keep up. but if you’re truly keeping it real the freedom is amazing and you can do some really creative things. several times a day.

3) How does your blog represent Canada?

it evokes freedom, beauty, and the rough individualism of americas 51st state. minus the royalty but extra poutine.

4) What do you hope that your readers take away from your posts?

i want them to know that theyre not alone. that they have a friend in hollywood. a magical friend who might save their life when they might not expect it. but who probably doesnt wanna have a drink with them, in hollywood. anywhere else. iowa, illinios, vancity, but not LA. i want them to know that if i can be successful by clicking and clacking on a keyboard then they sure as hell can cuz i wasnt ever any good at school, im bald im old im fat and theyre probably better than me in so many ways, thus if they start blogging their lives can be better too.

5) What tips do you have for new Canadian bloggers?

do what sass did and rip off/befriend/idolize/mimic raymi in every way possible.

6) Do you use any other social networks (twitter, facebook, etc)?

yes. but mostly to get dates. so im not doing it in the pure sense of spreading my deep philosophical ideas about. im doing it so as to inspire sins of the flesh. and to brag about the cubs.

7) Tell me a bit about your book (and others that you may be working on), and how it relates to your blog.

ive written several books. blooks is what theyre called. the first was Blook. it was crappy. then came How to Blog. that one was way better. great cover too. then came Stiff, my favorite thing i ever made. i got mad when Stiff didnt sell a million copies so i stopped making blooks. i would like to change all that and make a new one in a month or two, but id also like to work out so that the ladies would start loving me more. so who knows which one will happen. ultimately books are dumb. read things online, save a tree forest.

8) How would you classify your blog?

beautiful lies posted every day for your ass.