david letterman gets stood up by john mccain

hilarity ensues

this is from tonight’s episode of the Late Show. apparently mccain called Dave and said he couldnt make the show because he had to rush to the airport, fly to washington, and save the economy.

but then dave found out that mccain wanted to go on katie couric’s cbs evening news.

rarely do events like this fall into place *before* the show in question actually airs, so i cant wait to see this in its entirety on a real tv. in the meantime, thank you you tubes.

im very happy to announce two new blogs to the LA Times family

A new Arts blog called Culture Monster which will cover all of the fine arts: Theatre, classical music, architecture, opera

And a new sports blog called The Fabulous Forum which will cover all sports from boxing to horse racing to the NFL and even the American League.

We now have 45 blogs in our stable of rock. And we have a few more we’re working on which will launch before the end of the year so stay tuned.

if i ever left LA, id have a short list of cities id live in

umqua oregon is on that short list. its beautiful, it’s cheap, a man can have land. i like that. i believe this guy would be one of my congressional reps. i also like that

and im glad that congress is saying wtf to the bailout. dont get me wrong, i wish i could find myself in the position where i could say, US government you should let me have 700 billion to do what i think is the right thing. but i also like our reps saying wait a second tonto. lets ALL think about all of this for a hot minute.