what are the odds that this news would come from a blog called Celeb.Dump?

according to the site, apparently anne hathaway best known in roles from the Devil Wears Prada and Brokeback Mountain, really loves, well, anal sex. she likes it so much that she went on about it in an upcoming piece with Esquire.

“Ms. M.” from the magazine sent this in to Celeb.Dump:

“In an upcoming interview with Esquire the sexy “Get Smart” star states that one of the most sensual experiences in her life was anal intercourse with her boyfriend. She says “every woman should try it, otherwise they miss out on something amazing”. She also speaks about significance of the first time and the trustworthy partner and how the anal penetration makes her feel feminine in a very special way.”

my google reader is eagerly anticipating, uh, backlash, if the report is true. it also awaits photo galleries and commentary from two of my favorite blogs, mark lisanti‘s tumblr and my man spencer over at golden fiddle

youtube is killing john mccain

it was the strongest point about one of the most important topics on the table at last nights debate. barack obama, who is refreshingly polite when talking about people who think differently than him (the busblog is not comfortable calling political candidates “opponents”), took off the gloves in regard to iraq, and called john mccain out.

i dont see how john mccain can “my friends” this video away, which sorta paints him, with his own words, about being as wrong about the 5-year iraq war as he could possibly be.

maybe they can release a new sarah palin bathing suit video to distract the masses.