i could watch sarah palin all night

in fact if they win, i hope she gets a tv show

and if she loses, i hope she gets two tv shows

why? because sarah palin is singlehandedly (ok, with a little help from the straight talk express) resurrecting Katie Couric’s career. couric was a woman who was dead last in the ratings, everyone thought she was a huge failure, and now acting as palin’s straight-man she seems like the most fascinating interviewer ever.

and so serious! omg. bill maher – so sexist! he says of palin talking “the sentence to no where.” Bill!! and then calls her a bimbo! on the View-o!?!?

the other day Jack Cafferty went off on sarah palin too. cuz hes sexist.

god i hate gotcha journalism.

it’s Tuesday, which means new ICUday

tomorrows a big day for me.

first i wake up and assist one of our top writers, Geoff Boucher, as he does an interview and a live chat with Iron Man director Jon Favreau. i believe we’re going to Jon’s house or office or somewhere and picking his brain about the success of the summer blockbuster (which gets released on DVD today) and he will tell us all he can about the sequel.

And no, i didnt love the film simply because the hero was named Tony and they used AC/DC in the opening scene.

will i have the nerve to tell him he should use the Pixies’ “tony’s theme” in Iron Man 2? ha!

Anyways to get into the chat tomorrow at 11am PT, click here (www.latimes.com/ironmanchat). The link wont work till tomorrow.