deep down i think im a dick.

i used to think that deep down i was a boring ass, but im starting to think that deep down in just a huge jerk.

the problem is i have no patience. maybe because i think the earth will be destroyed any minute. maybe because i think the earth should be destroyed at any minute. this fall is the only exception because this fall the cubs are going to win the world series.

theyre going to win, mostly because lou pinella is a bigger dick than dusty baker.

theres lessons to be learned from dusty. mostly that nice guys finish third.

so the question is, do you want to be liked, respected, rich, semi famous, but ultimately the bridesmaid to the anaheim angels of anaheim or do you want to be the champ, even if being champ means you might have to piss some people off. jesus included.

one of my heroes was billy martin. he didnt care who he pissed off. but the little bastard won. he got fired constantly. he got in literal physical fights all the time. he was booed. he was hated. but he won.

joe torre is not one of my heroes. he had more talent than probably any leader since the ’85 bears, but he couldnt win when it mattered. its interesting to see what he will do in the post season with the dodgers, if he can bring that team there, but something tells me that hes too soft.

my real hero is my old band director. he taught me what 100% meant. he was at 100% all the time, and he exemplified leading by example. he had us marching on a 100 degree parking lot during our summer vacation and he yelled at us from a scaffolding but for some reason i never ever ever considered him a dick. others did. but i got it. almost immediately. and the entire time he was all, this wont get you to state, but this will.

and when we got to state at the end of fall, we wiped the floor with the soft bands. utterly destroyed them.

i like being on the side of the 85 bears. i like being on the side of the marching band of doom. i like being on the side of the daily nexus winning every award and collecting them in dresses. id like to do it without being a dick, though. but im not 100% sure its possible.