even though im a born again christian

id be lying if i said i dont think about luck

for example i need a new couch.

i got my current one when i first moved in to this place. it was sitting on the side of the road. dogs had probably pissed on it for all i know.

bums had probably gotten drunk and made out with lady bums on it.

but that couch has been amazing over time. ive written nice things on it. ive napped with pretty girls on it. in fact some could say that that particular couch is magical. girls sit on it and… miracles are created.

hell, most of my time writing and editing LAist was on it, and that experience led to this.

but its not very comfortable. and it has some rips in it. and it doesnt fold out into a bed for when i have guests. and, like i said, it was found on the side of the road and was only supposed to be a temporary solution 7 years ago.

but man has it provided me with luck.

next is the bed. not the bed, just the mattress. it was actually my true loves back when we lived in frisco. then it was ours when she moved down here, then she took it when we broke up, then she gave it to me when she went off to africa. because she dated this super huge fat dude the springs are f’ed up in the middle of the thing.

the mattress hasnt given me the best luck. maybe its given me bad luck, now that i think of it. but hows a man supposed to decide how much to spend on a mattress? theyve got some for $200, theyve got some for $1200. theyve even got some for $1700. i went to the store the other day and they wanted $25 for a pair of shorts. i was all, theyre half pants. shouldnt they cost half of what pants cost? not the same?

so if im mr half pants cost too much, how do you think i feel about spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on bedding that isnt a waterbed?

i want a waterbed.

my apartment is so old though that if i got one i bet the bed would fall through the floor.