fun game

: listen to this woman for a minute, then guess who she wants to vote fer

whats interesting is our friend matthew good wrote these lines after watching the debate tonight, not after listening to the woman in the video: “No, tonight was a lesson in the exhaustive inanity of American politics. The Muses, it seems, have cast their euphoric haze and wait with anticipation to see what dead loss is born.”

matt and i agree on some things and disagree on others. i enjoyed tonights debate. i especially liked that for the most part they let each other speak. i liked that they presented their opinions on things and were both sharper in expressing those beliefs better than i expected.

i guess the same could be said for the woman above, she knows how she feels and does a fine job letting us know why she feels that way.

but whats most fascinating is she espouses just as many catch phrases as many politicians, bloggers, and knuckleheads. as if those phrases mean something.

when i see and hear these chorus of voices, i do not see gloom. i hear america. we are a melting pot like no other. we are a tom waits cacophony of drunken free verse.

and from out of all of it will come order.

man was created from mud

brilliance will rise from nonsense.