i can has homepage


i swear i had nothing to do with this

not even in the slightest.

but i am laughing my cheezburger off

somewhat because the predictable haters will have a little ammo to pretend that omg this is the end of the worldz

but mostly because its proof that the show must go on in regards to telling our readers whats going on in the world, and that little website (the one with the cats who cant spell very well) is a damn phenomenon and its praise is overdue.

technorati yesterday gave its State of the Blogosphere. one of the more interesting things is that technorati discovered that in the last 24 hours about 900,000 blogs posted new content. thats more competition than tv, newspapers, radio, has ever had, combined.

of that new content, the LOL cats are in the technorati top 10 (and have been there for a while) meaning that they can count the blogs that are more popular than them on two paws.

we at the Times are thrilled and still a little stunned that out of 100 million blogs we have one in the technorati top 100, meanwhile those little kitties are still mopping the floor with us no matter how much marketing, no matter how much support, no matter what we cover, no matter how great our writers are.

that frigging kitteh blog is just lulzing its way to teh banks.

good for them.

they found a niche, they hit a sweet spot, and they didnt mess it up. bravo.