1. Tuesday, September 30, 2008

    i could watch sarah palin all night 

    in fact if they win, i hope she gets a tv show

    and if she loses, i hope she gets two tv shows

    why? because sarah palin is singlehandedly (ok, with a little help from the straight talk express) resurrecting Katie Couric’s career. couric was a woman who was dead last in the ratings, everyone thought she was a huge failure, and now acting as palin’s straight-man she seems like the most fascinating interviewer ever.

    and so serious! omg. bill maher – so sexist! he says of palin talking “the sentence to no where.” Bill!! and then calls her a bimbo! on the View-o!?!?

    the other day Jack Cafferty went off on sarah palin too. cuz hes sexist.

    god i hate gotcha journalism.