next step, the supreme court

exclusive interview with kristin madpony, esquire

me: everything ok in ok?

madpony: guess who passed the bar exam! (yes.. we are so far north, we are fine. it’s drizzling.)

me: yay and yay!!! whoooo hoooo!!!!

madpony: thank you1

me: what sorta law will you wield?

madpony: litigation. civil litigation mostly. a little government stuff and white collar crime

me: nice – how did you learn that you passed the bar? is there an email? a letter?

madpony: they post it online

me: how modern! how did you celebrate?

madpony: i didn’t really. i had a lot of fun the night before.
way too much fun. so i spent the evening in bed. reading a book. feeling lucky. pretty lame i know

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