nothing in here is true

  1. Sunday, September 28, 2008

    billy corgan sings ac/dc for italians in the streets 

    cougar had me watch bee movie with her.

    it was one of those nights when everything was all ready done. ate. drank. “talked”. played scrabble. “talked” a second time.

    then we looked at the clock and it was only 11pm.

    most of the time i can peace out and drive home and play madden on my psp or something but the weathers nice and her windows were open and for some reason i wanted to stay.

    perfect feeling of not *having* to stay, not wanting to leave, not caring one way or another. which is rare with the cougar. maybe it was the linguini with clam she made and the wine. it sat real nice.

    so we watched bee movie, which i had heard was horrible. turned out it wasnt horrible in the slightest. actually it wasnt bad at all. it was borderline good. which was exactly what the night was like.

    after the movie we talked some more watched snl which also wasnt horrible and i peaced out at 3am and here i am and a nice fan of the busblog sent me this link to this video and i gotta say, this weekend was fantastic and its only saturday night.

    the afternoon started with getting to say hi to shepard fairey at his book signing at wacko where he called me the real deal to this kid. i’ll tell you, thatll put a smile on a dudes face.

  2. Saturday, September 27, 2008
  3. what are the odds that this news would come from a blog called Celeb.Dump? 

    according to the site, apparently anne hathaway best known in roles from the Devil Wears Prada and Brokeback Mountain, really loves, well, anal sex. she likes it so much that she went on about it in an upcoming piece with Esquire.

    “Ms. M.” from the magazine sent this in to Celeb.Dump:

    “In an upcoming interview with Esquire the sexy “Get Smart” star states that one of the most sensual experiences in her life was anal intercourse with her boyfriend. She says “every woman should try it, otherwise they miss out on something amazing”. She also speaks about significance of the first time and the trustworthy partner and how the anal penetration makes her feel feminine in a very special way.”

    my google reader is eagerly anticipating, uh, backlash, if the report is true. it also awaits photo galleries and commentary from two of my favorite blogs, mark lisanti‘s tumblr and my man spencer over at golden fiddle

  4. youtube is killing john mccain 

    it was the strongest point about one of the most important topics on the table at last nights debate. barack obama, who is refreshingly polite when talking about people who think differently than him (the busblog is not comfortable calling political candidates “opponents”), took off the gloves in regard to iraq, and called john mccain out.

    i dont see how john mccain can “my friends” this video away, which sorta paints him, with his own words, about being as wrong about the 5-year iraq war as he could possibly be.

    maybe they can release a new sarah palin bathing suit video to distract the masses.

  5. Friday, September 26, 2008

    fun game 

    : listen to this woman for a minute, then guess who she wants to vote fer

    whats interesting is our friend matthew good wrote these lines after watching the debate tonight, not after listening to the woman in the video: “No, tonight was a lesson in the exhaustive inanity of American politics. The Muses, it seems, have cast their euphoric haze and wait with anticipation to see what dead loss is born.”

    matt and i agree on some things and disagree on others. i enjoyed tonights debate. i especially liked that for the most part they let each other speak. i liked that they presented their opinions on things and were both sharper in expressing those beliefs better than i expected.

    i guess the same could be said for the woman above, she knows how she feels and does a fine job letting us know why she feels that way.

    but whats most fascinating is she espouses just as many catch phrases as many politicians, bloggers, and knuckleheads. as if those phrases mean something.

    when i see and hear these chorus of voices, i do not see gloom. i hear america. we are a melting pot like no other. we are a tom waits cacophony of drunken free verse.

    and from out of all of it will come order.

    man was created from mud

    brilliance will rise from nonsense.


  6. one of the reasons that john mccain dissed letterman to go on couric 

    was part two of this interview katie did with sarah palin, some are suggesting

    because im not a sexist i will say that she was brilliant amazing unbelievable and totally presidential in this interview. i have zero idea why they dont let her go out and do way more of these interviews. everyone knows that katie couric is a bulldog interviewer, mike wallace in a pant suit. and look at how sarah barracuda hung in there and turned the tables in regards to russia and canada and her executive decisions in regards to both of them.

    i have no idea how the polls have started to swing towards barry hussien and joe biden the plagarist.

    maybe our pal matt welch has some insight to the most recent mccain move to put the campaign on time out. oh look, welchy has something in todays la times about just that.

  7. sass is sick 

    she doesnt sound sick
    she doesnt look sick
    she doesnt act sick

    but ive learned that women are very special creatures who can seem happy when theyre sad
    sad when theyre happy
    uninterested when theyre super turned on
    and super turned on when theyre so uninterested

    thus if sass sez shes sick then i say, get well soon sass!

  8. earlier this week i partied with some LA bloggers 

    at a swanky club near the times

    the edison is so popular on weekend nights that they wont let you in if you dont have a collar on your shirt or if you have jeans (if youre a dude), or if your not super hot (if youre a babe). ok that last part might not be 100% true but it sure seems like it.

    on tuesdays they do this little back room action. its a throw back to the prohibition times, which is sorta the theme of the edison anyways as the hostesses wear sassy flapper outfits and the gents dress as gangsters. 20s gangsters. on tuesdays they dress like that too, they just shut down most of the spacious club and present entertainers and serve a limited choice of hand made $14 fancy drinks.

    cant say i was impressed with the fancy drinks but i appreciated that the host stoked us with some food since there were so many of us and we were, after all, bloggers. thus royalty, duh.

    being from uc isla vista i can pretty much drink anything, and i gotta say the mini hamburgers were probably the best mini hamburgers ive ever eaten, so thanks bro. meanwhile the belly dancer, the blue angel-ish chantruse dominatrix singerwas really funny, and the magician sorta freaked me out with how great he was with his close up illusions.

    i got to hang with joz joz joz, jeff from thrillist, rachel from kcrw, moye from the wb, and many others including caroline on crack who put it all together who i should thank cuz it was super fun.

    but i wont.

    instead i will steal her picture without giving her credit.

    but i will link to her gallery from that magical night.

    photo of some bald dude, a magician ruth, and rachel of kcrw at the edison by caroline on crack

  9. Thursday, September 25, 2008

    sarah palin on katie couric 

    as wonkette says, the first exchange and the last exchanges are the best, but somewhere in the middle you get the idea that maybe this is why we havent seen too much of the hockey mom meeting the press.

    if sarah barracuda is right and america could be heading to a great depression, i wonder if that means that canada and mexico would also experience a ripple effect. if not i wonder if anyone would notice if i started a chain of soul food restaurants in the great white north and in baja while waiting for this gray cloud to move away from the home of the brave?

    related: the 700 billion number was made up?