speaking of the los angeles triathlon

heres karisa peddling down sunset

in her ongoing quest to dazzle the readers of the busblog, karisa j., seen here on sunset blvd right before she took over the lead in the 69th annual LA triathlon, IMed me on friday to tell me that she was going to participate.

the maps of the race were confusing, but if i wasnt hallucinating, it looked like the “Olympic bicycle turn” was mere feet away from my doorstep. a good thing because i didnt get to bed last night till 5am. cough cheerleaders.

in our IM on friday karisa told me that she was gonna jump in the pacific around 7am. so i asked, how long will it take you to swim, and ride your bike through venice, the westside, mid wilshire, and most of hollywood. she said, “just a few hours”. so i said, ok i will be on sunset near the scientology sign about 9ish. got there at 9:05 and was a little nervous that id missed her because there were a bunch of people on bikes (and a few people who seemed a tad out of shape). but lo, at 9:20ish, i heard this “hi tony” and there was karisa smiling and waving – which was amazing because most of the people tearing ass at that point were huffing and gasping and grabbing water from the volunteers.

but karisa was just tooling along, another walk in the park as it were.

i said, how ya feeling? she said good! so i took the camera out, hit the button and caught her coming around the turn-around. thats our girl waving at the :51 mark of the vid.

she later won the race by 17 minutes.