so not cool

one of the things you will notice if you ever visit california, especially southern california around the holidays is how little we decorate our homes. rarely will you see the gaudy house or block of homes that are super decked out and neighbors are complaining because of noise and traffic.

but this is going too far. not just because “what would people have said if it was obama hanging” but because there are far more creative things that could be done with these strong personalities than simply hang them.

so cal is filled will creative, talented, artistic people. this is beneath us.

via LAist

whats amazing about this video

is the sound

although it looks a lot better if you click the video so you can then click “watch in high quality”, the amazing part of this video is the sound.

im so out of breath the volume of my voice is totally quiet. no wonder karisa kept asking me “what?” my entire body simply wanted to look down, sit down, and keep it down.

the old women climbed the mountain no problem. the dogs climbed the mountain no problem. the pretty girl climbed the mountain and actually ran up it a little.

the black man, however, slipped going up, slipped going down, and nearly died not of exhaustion but of mental stress. my head kept saying “this is ridiculous. youre not going any where. why are people doing this, all youre doing is climbing and walking for no good reason. hey look at those supermodels. hey look at that view. hey look at that smog, youre above the smog line. hey why arent you watching college football right now.”

i dont like college football.

heres what it looks like going down the back side (the easy side)

no doubt its a pleasant view. and karisa says that its better for your bod than running on a tread mill. and it is pretty close to me. in fact now that my bike is about to be fixed, one could ride ones bike to the crazy canyon and walk around it while listening to howard stern.

but i dont think i will be doing much of that.

however ms karisa j and i made a little pact. she said that she would write a blog post on her yet to be created blog and every time that she did i would have to work out. because i think she has great tales to tell and because she wants me to be fit. so we made the deal and now i believe she owes on blog post.

you can thank me later america.