five minutes with tony

sara and ali from metromix are on their way down to dine with me, so as they walk down i will say hi to you. hi! life is crazy here at the paper. the sorta crazy thats good and the sorta crazy thats not very good. but time goes very fast which is why if this blog can do anything it can show you that you can indeed blog even if your life job worldview is nuts.

in a few minutes the video journalist who went with me to the playboy mansion will upload the video we shot so you can see part of the haunted house, which is probably the coolest haunted house in LA. what you wont see in the video is that the house was also rented out to benefit charity, which is sweet.

indeed our working relationship with the playboy organization is pretty fascinating. and i wish i could tell you some of the stories that geoff boucher is working on but they are stories about things youd never know about in regards to hef. which for a guy who has been in the public eye since the 50s is pretty remarkable that anything is still under the covers so to speak, but just wait, you might be impressed.

in other news im out of hand sanitizer, the lakers will probably go undefeated, greg oden is a bust, the cubs are gonna go all the way next year, sarah is late for lunch, i failed on chapter two of October Surprise, my buckets got a hole in it, looks like i will see the foo fighters tonight, we will have a new president in a week, and the welches will be in LA next month.

other than that im still eating drive through keeping it real. caio!