hockey mom booed at opening night of hockey season

the problem with hanging out with boston kids is they dont wanna party, even if youre in vegas, until their beloved red sox finish their silly playoff game.

while in my room eating lettuce wraps and clicking around the web, i saw on Digg that sarah palin was booed tonight in philly.

so i clicked around the web and in no time i had a little post for the Fabulous Forum blog.

whats amazing is i was under the impression that Palin was supposed to be the Fan Favorite, in a way, the one who wouldnt get booed at a hockey game, the one who would go on tv and youd smile and say, “yeah that is a big tent the GOP has.”

but it seems to have turned out that the McCain folks dont want her to talk to the press any more, and now when she even shows her face shes getting booed.

a real maverick woulda flipped em the bird, me thinks.

at this point id like to link to a recent post by our pal xTx but because im trying to keep this blog PG i will encourage you to find the blog/post your self so you can see a true maverick at work.