1. Thursday, October 2, 2008

    my first full beer was an old style at wrigley field 

    i was way too young to be drinking, but back then if your mom gave you $10 you could sit in the bleachers for $3, get a hot dog for $2, get a beer for $3 and still have some money left over to get some peanuts and a score card and a pencil and stuff.

    the beer guy looked at me when i asked for a beer. he was carrying two cases through the bleachers. in those days the bleachers were legendary, but that didnt mean that people really sat there much.

    i said, one please.

    he looked around, looked at the scoreboard, looked at me. figured i was screwed forever

    and poured me one.

    if im ever in the position to breed or adopt, i wont allow my children to be cub fans.

    its too expensive.

    update: this photo says it all