crenshaw district residents read obamas acceptance speech

and react to it all

we have an incredible staff at the Times. still. and every day i am finding out first hand how incredible they are. last night we broke an all time daily record on our website and today we topped that. last night we broke an all time daily record on our metro blog LA Now, and today we topped that too.

we sold so many newspapers today that we had to print 100,000 more and those sold out so fast that we printed more and todays papers will be sold tomorrow. it is a hard time to be working there, but its also a good time because change isnt only happening in washington, and not all change at newspapers is bad.

you might remember myung chun as the video journalist who shot and edited my video of the playboy mansion’s haunted house. today he went to the area i once lived at in south central and got some reactions to last nights speech. needless to say this is not the type of thing a newspaper could have shown you 20 years ago. clearly im all for the written word, but sometimes video on a website is exactly the right media in the correct medium and we are so lucky to have our killer video staff.