dear rihanna and chris brown

saw you on the american teen grammy little girl vote awards.

it didnt bother me that daughtry beat the eagles and cold play. it didnt bother me that lil wayne didnt win anything. didnt bother me that i was forced to watch the thing.

but it did bother me that rihanna quite possibly could be the most beautiful woman in the whole place and when she won chris brown didnt congratulate her or hug her or kiss her or nothing.

and when chris won – including winning the big last award Artist of the Year – he didnt even look at her. he slapped the hands of the fans in the front row but didnt even acknowledge his alleged girlfriend.

neither of you thanked each other in your speeches. despite the fact that you’ve been touring the world together and have definitely helped each other out.

heres the thing about love. its fleeting. just like life. just like everything. if youre dating the hottest chick in the house – even if its a huge fraud – even if youre pissed at her for wearing the shortest dress in tv history. kisser when you win it all. hug her. do something.

even if she says no lets not, youre the man. we are the ones who hit the girls over the head with the clubs and drag em back to the cave by their hair. and we’re the ones who hug our fine biatches when we beat coldplay lil weezey and the friggin eagles.

and rihanna, if that pretty boy isnt making those pretty eyes sparkle, now is the time to show him the way or show him the way out. even though we’re supposed to know everything, men dont always know it all.

how is it that neither of you mentions each other on your wikipedia? how is it that you’re gonna sit in the front row on national tv and pretend that you dont even know each other? the black barbie and ken dolls are wasting their time if they think they have to pretend to like each other.

be with who you wanna be. and when youre with that person, be free. hold hands, kiss, hug, tell the world to piss off. share every secret. risk. jump. its called


in love for a reason, singers of songs.

models of roles.

speech givers, award winners, human beings.


quit faking. be.

youve got the rest of your life to ignore the one youre hitched to.

when you’re young, have fun in the front row of your only life.