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What Not To Be For Halloween
Look, I know that anonymously judging other people on the internet plus 25 cents will get me a phone call. I know I can’t actually change anyone’s minds if they have it set. But let me please, please implore of you: DO NOT BE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING COSTUMES THIS HALLOWEEN. They are played out. A lot of people have beef with the idea of “sexy” costume like sexy nurse, sexy panther, sexy cop, etc… Look, if you’re going to dress as a sexy witch, there’s no advice I can give you about how cheesy it might be. God bless you if you want to take one day of the year to look extra slutty. I have much bigger fish to try with these costumes which purport to be clever and culturally savvy. Here they are:

Rollergirl from Boogie Nights: You will only remind people that you don’t look as good as Heather Graham. It’s a bad idea to do a “sexy” costume that’s modeled after someone way sexier than any real life girl is.

Tony to Ashley – not my fault:

Ashley to Tony – i know, i saw it awhile ago, didnt you see my comment there? someone said i was cute, so whatev. the author sounds like an ass anyway

and sure enough here are the comments:

Anonymous said… It costs 35 cents to make a call from a pay phone.

The first rollergirl was pretty cute.

Anonymous said…

‘Fake cocaine makeup’ is a *great* pet peeve.

HR Underling said…

GROSS. All of them.

Anonymous said…

You know, I actually think some of those rollergirls look pretty hot. Also, as a psychiatrist, I love the freudian slip costume (particularly the one that includes freudian phrases). And my boyfriend and I were margot and richie tenenbaum one year…i guess this all makes me a lame hipster but I’d rather see people in fake cocaine makeup than a sexy bee costume any day.

Neal said…

I’ve never seen a sexy bee. I want to see one. I would also be interested in seeing a sexy cockroach or a sexy bedbug. any sexy bug really.

Ashley in Wonderland said…

Hi I’m the first Rollergirl, thanks for being mean!

Ah the interwebs.

Above: Ashley a few years ago dressing up for halloween in vegas. Middle: me with the real rollergirl a few years ago at the shortstop on her birthday