my mom has an iphone

i dont know where she got it, but its a 3G. i used to be jealous of people who have 3gs until i saw this picture she took of me.

i know 3gs have the same cameras as the regular Gs but im glad to see that my crappy camera capabilities are the same as hers.

today we drove around and looked at “the pretty houses”. the really good ones have docks up against their backyards like we have. and almost all of them have “lanais” which are nice screens protecting the backyard area from bugs and birds and gators and jaguars.

as we drove around town i kept thinking about the first dude who cornered the Lanai market and how happy he was. i wondered what sort of life he must be living now.

The Lanai King.

all he had to do was figure out how to do the first couple and then all he had to do was farm out the work to the workingclass while he cut one deal after another. imagine the sales job. true door to door sales i would hope.

hey did you see the johnsons lanai?


ever party in your neighbors backyard? notice how little they have to clean their pool and hot tub?

thats why we have pool tops and pool boys and

you dont really want those things, what you want is a lanai. i am the Lanai King and i will tell you what, if you get one of your friends to sign up with me i will do your Lanai for half price.

can you do it in white?

i can do it in white, brown, gold if your nasty.