not sure if theyre talking about this around the country

or even in canada

but theres a pretty huge fire happening in Montecito, which is the town next door to Santa Barbara, land that i love. Montecito is where the rich people live. actually rich people live in Santa Barbara too, but the people in Santa Barbara feel poor compared to the folks in Montecito.

which is why its a pretty big deal when you see the news and hear that 60 80 homes in Montecito are on fire right now.

oprah, for example, has a pretty large home in Montecito. the dude who directed Forrest Gump, for example, has a pretty large house in Montecito. sports illustrated cover model kathy ireland was born and raised in santa barbara but when she became famous moved south to Montecito and bought a big house.

so our prayers from the busblog go out to our friends in Montecito and Santa Barbara and lets hope these 60 mph winds mellow out and the fires die down and everything can go back to paradise which is the 805, where my heart is.

photos via crisiswire which also has a pretty good map of the fires.