one of the benefits of being a child

is getting to eat endless amounts of bowls of ice cream for breakfast

you also get to pee in your pants.

i learned a lot from this last meeting with my niece and nephew. the most important one was that kids get better as they get older. so if i ever adopt im gonna get an older kid. maybe a teen. if theyre troubled, fine, whos not troubled?

the other thing is the importance of an au pair. my little brother had one from sweden and one from denmark.

later i went to scandanavia and partied with one of them. all was good. in a few hours i will put up a video interview with robbie who is the italian au pair that keeps an eye on my sisters’ lil ones.

shes pretty amazing. never gets bored playing with them, never gets uptight if they wanna go swimming or if they want sandwiches, or if they want another bowl of ice cream.

if someone poops his pants, there she is. if someone cant find a little blanket there she is, if someone wants to find out the word for fart in italian (that would be moi) there she is.

i have the feeling i need an au pair for myself cuz i dont wanna clean up my room before taking my shower

but i hafta cuz i think the cougar wants to kiss n makeup before the holidays, but it might be too lil too late cuz another thing i learned from these kids is time goes so fast – blazing fast – should you really stay in situations that you know, ultimately, arent going anywhere?

sure the sex is good and she will dress up in pretty much anything that my devious mind can imagine but is that really a healthy relationship?

is that really why her au pair changed her way back when and taught her the alphabet is that why her parent sent her to bording school is that why she took out loans to go to vassar so that some blogger can send a carrier pigeon to tell her to dress up like a [censored because life isnt fair] and have kayne on the boom box when the pizza boy (that also would be moi) knocks on the door?

well maybe.

but no, definatly not.

people should have higher asspirations for their personal relationships than cosplay and pouting.

but shes such a good cook.

anyway the other benefit of being a child is you dont have to think very hard. you do as youre told, and if you do that and you want more ice cream for breakfast it’s yours.

sucks that the rules change when you least xpect it.