the people asked. tony will answer.

right after this video from my last day of vacation

adrienne: when you get back from fla will you point me in the direction of that rental property?

im pointing east and south and almost right on the water

Ian: If I, and a friend, both 27, both from Canada, had 2 days to spend in the LA area in 2 weeks, other then Disneyland of course, what do you recommend we do or go? (particularly regarding hotels, clubs, pubs, bars, beaches and eats?)

at 27 years old i wouldnt go to disneyland. i would go to venice beach, then west hollywood, then melrose ave, then hollywood, then los feliz, then silver lake. hotels: the riot hyatt on sunset, or if you can afford it the Standard on sunset. clubs: spaceland, the echo, viper room, the whiskey. pubs: cat in the fiddle, ye rustic inn. bars: the edison, the good luck bar, 4100. beaches: venice. eats: have an oki dog, a pinks dog, and a skoobies dog. also eat the hamburgers: in n out, fatburgers, and tommys. and definately dine on a taco truck.

*bluenun: since you work downtown, can you please recommend some places that two ladies should hit up there this evening?

i like the edison for ladies to hit up. its classy at times but sometimes too loud. if it gets too loud walk east two blocks to the redwood and say hi to my friends.

Keira-Anne: Why is it so difficult for me to think of questions for the busblog? What’s your favourite book in the Bible? Comments are now the not-so-secret fuel of the busblog, so what’s the secret fuel of

my favorite book in the bible is Genesis. so much compacted into a pretty small section. and lots of bible celebrities say hi. the secret fuel of keira anne dot com is the hot blonde who writes it.

David: How will the Bears end up doing come playoff time? Why has their defense not been as solid as the past few years? And should they turn over the reigns to Rexy to lead them down the stretch?

the bears wont make the playoffs mostly because of that D. i dont know if theyre too young or too old, but someone said that Urlacher is the most overrated defenseman in the nfl and he sure hasnt been disproving that much. its a lot of pressure for a D to be responsible for shutting down offenses and expected to Score, but you take what the um critics give you i guess. they should trade sexy rexy for some hockey equipment. anything. i cant believe they didnt get some penny stock for him before the market went up. maybe a barrel of oil. f rex.

Sarah: How much do you miss California?

gotta tell you, i miss cali when im in canadah. but here on the water with the windows open at 2am and my ass hanging outta my speedos im not really missing anything except for that lost shaker of salt. be home soon though.

miguel: If there was a pill that would make you never have to sleep again, would you take it, and if so, what would you do with the extra time?

sleeping bores me. sleeping puts me to sleep. sleep is for the just and i aint just. id take that pill but my nutritionist frowns upon pills. with my extra time id actually read more books. i dont read many book books any more cuz they make me sleepy. so if i had such a pill id read.

zona: I’m gonna audition for MTV’s Gent or G. Can you put in a good word for me with Jamie?

i have no idea what youre talking about. you kids with your tv programmes.

-k-: 1. What a beautiful song. Thanks. 2. Favorite street in LA?

i like hollywood blvd because its grimey and full of history and filthy with tourists. to me its the real hollywood especially cuz its so fake.

pete viles: how you doing, bro? Tell me your newest favorite website or blog.

peter! we miss you so. my newest favorite website/blog is a great one that you and your son would probably enjoy. its called mlb trade rumors ( its updated furiously all day. great insight. great links. super fast blogging. party with you soon!