LAist interviews the dude from the Submarines

and he effs up the title of AC/DC record that allegedly helped change his musical life

What made you pick up an instrument?

I think for me it was Hard Day’s Night. I saw that movie when I was a little kid and thought, “Ok, that’s what I want to do.” Growing up my dad played guitar and my mother’s brother was a long haired hippy guitarist, who I thought was really cool. Then I discovered KISS and I thought that that no one could be as good as them. I swore that I would only listen to their records.

Your poor parents, when did the KISS phase wear off?

I’m not sure. I grew up in Dubai and at the time you could buy cassettes for like buck. I would walk around with like ten dollars and be able to buy all this music. But I bought a lot of them based on the album artwork. I remember seeing the album cover for There Will Be Blood by ACDC. That album has a guitarist stabbing himself with the guitar. I think that’s the moment KISS became less important. Also around that time my good friend moved to Dubai and his brother introduced me to punk rock, specifically the Sex Pistols and the Specials. That guy changed my life.

the album is not called “there will be blood” as you can see, but fortunately the iPhone commercials will still help the submarines sell records mp3s. as you might recall when the subs came out in 2006 i was madly in love with them. still sorta am.

read the whole LAist vs dude from submarines interview here

update: a pleasant gchat friend reminds me of this scene in Empire Records

pssst: i have a sorta secret blog

based on my google reader?

its my Google Shared Items Blog or my GSIlog if youre nasty

i also have a Twitter Feed thats kinda outta control great right now, if i do say so myself. it sucks in everything from the busblog, my flickr uploads, my facebook updates, my gchat status updates, my Digg crap, everything and links to it automatically to Twitter via Friend Feed.

ah automation and robots, god love ya.

anyways if you knew of my secret blawwwg youd have seen these hot pix of raymster already

you know who else has a birthday today?

britney, bitch. below theres some video of britney spears on good morning america today where she “performed” her two new singles



britney doesnt really dance. she struts around flipping her hair about pretending to have these magical powers where she can throw gay men around. sorta fascinating.

but instead of trying to sell us records, she should put out workout tapes cuz it wasnt that long ago where her body was not the body we’re seeing in these vids. this is a woman who was eating pretty much anything she wanted. i mean, nice abs for a mother of two.

give her trainer a damn grammy.

anyways the busblog has been following brit for a while. for a very brief time i worked at a place called Artist Direct and i was there right before her first record came out and her single was single of the week even before it was released. i asked, how is that even possible, and someone made the rubbing fingers together motion and i was like oooooo.

since then the busblog saw her play at the staples center when she was 20.

celebrated her 21st bday.

didnt talk crap when she tried to gank my style.

and surprisingly enjoyed her concert last year with the M&M’s at the house of blues

even though Xtina is my girl, its good to see britney being all healthy and making it all happen again.

exclusive interview with keira-anne on her 24th birthday!

Tony: Is it really your b-day today?
Keira-Anne: Guilty as charged. But I’d rather it not be.
Tony: Why’s that?
Keira-Anne: Just not feelin’ social – at ALL.
Tony: Would you like me to interview you so I can have it on my blog later?
Keira-Anne: Like a chat interview?
Tony: It’s the only kind.
Keira-Anne: Sure. Talking with Tony makes me happy.
Tony: Awww…

Tony: Ok happy b-day Keira!
Keira-Anne: Thanks, Tony! You know, as you said that, I could hear your voice saying it.
Tony: Ha!
Keira-Anne: You have a great voice.
Tony: Awww…will you be announcing how old you are in your blog?
Keira-Anne: I don’t think I’ll be writing about my birthday on my blog
Tony: Why not?
Keira-Anne: I don’t feel the need to. Should I feel the need to?
Tony: There’s no need, but you write every day…why not write about your b-day?
Keira-Anne: I try to, yah. But the well’s running dry. Isn’t it kind of conceited to write about one’s birthday?
Tony: The act of blogging by definition is conceited/narcissistic, so you may as well roll with it.
Keira-Anne: Excellent point, Tony. You might be on to something with that.
Tony: Good. Stop listening to the voices in yr head telling you not to blog things. That’s my b-day advice to you.
Keira-Anne: I think that’s rather sage.

Tony: So what do you want for your b-day?
Keira-Anne: Not to be called “dude.”
Tony: Who calls you that?
Keira-Anne: Lots of people call me that.
Tony: I will buy you a squirt gun. Squirt people who call you that.
Keira-Anne: Is that obvious code for something?
Tony: It’s what people do to cats when they’re being bad.
Keira-Anne: I’m not much of a naughty kitty. Not tonight at least.
Tony: You’re not the naughty one, They are.
Keira-Anne: Ahhh I got where you’re going with that now.
Tony: When they call you that, say, come ‘ere, what did you say?
Keira-Anne: How about a super soaker then?
Tony: Something you can slide in your purse.
Keira-Anne: Maybe you should buy me a really big handbag to go with the super soaker then.

Tony: Interesting idea. Ok so what else do you want? Keep in mind this is a magical chat interview the entire world reads this and cares for you and will probably get you what you ask.
Keira-Anne: Marc Jacobs’ “Totally Turnlock – Patent Faridah” Tote in black.
Tony: Hahahaha!
Keira-Anne: And I thought that even before you informed me of your readership – i was just taking your advice.
Tony: What color?
Keira-Anne: That I should say what I want and that blogging is conceited…so why not go with the materialistic gift choice? Black! Wanna see it?

Tony: How is it that Nordstrom only has it in red?
Keira-Anne: No, they have it in black too, as you can see. But I’m sure other shops would carry it.
Tony: Ok that’s a good thing to want.
Keira-Anne: I agree. Pretty AND practical!
Tony: Hahaha how is it practical?
Keira-Anne: Because I can store a really big super soaker in it. And a variety of lip glosses.

Tony: What were you doing at your last b-day?
Keira-Anne: I went to Boneta for dinner on the Friday night – excellent food. And then on my actual birthday I had a lil’ get together and drank a LOT of red wine. And you weren’t here.
Tony: Wait, was that get together at Matt’s? And you had a hot dress?
Keira-Anne: Yes, yes and yes.
Tony: Wow! Time flies.
Keira-Anne: Well, my newer dress is hotter.
Tony: Newer? For your b-day?
Keira-Anne: Nah, I got it earlier this year but it’s definitely newer than the green dress.
Tony: Pics!
Keira-Anne: Hmmm okay one sec… Heinous pic of me but SIDE BOOB!
I love the way that dress makes me look like I got a boob job.
Tony: Mama mia!

Tony: Ok so how has this year been?
Keira-Anne: This year has actually been really, really great. The word “happy” has come up a lot, and it’s nice.
Tony: You seem surprised about that. Shouldn’t you be happy?
Keira-Anne: Definitely – everyone should be happy. It’s not always easy to come by.
Tony: Should George Bush be happy?
Keira-Anne; I think he should find peace. Despite the George W. Bush we know as a political figure, he’s definitely someone I’d love to sit and talk with. I see him as a puppet on a string, but he’s also a husband and a dad and a son.
“I like those troll pencils…that when you go like this” (rubs hands together) “their hair goes all crazy…”
Tony: That’s how you picture our president?
Keira-Anne: No, but that was Matt’s contribution to our interview.
Tony: Hahahahaha!
Keira-Anne: Completely unrelated to Georgie.

Tony: Speaking of Matt then, what’s your favorite track off the live album?
Keira-Anne: Hmmm well I haven’t listened to it enough times to pick a definite favourite, but I’m a big fan of Weapon.
Tony: Ah nice. I never really loved that one until this record. I know I’m in the minority.
Keira-Anne: True, you kinda are. I was blown away the first time I saw that video – it stunned me. So then what is Tony’s favourite track from the album?
Tony: I’m A Window.
Keira-Anne: You kinda are.
Tony: Cuz he says f twice.
Keira-Anne: What’s f?
Tony: uck
Keira-Anne: Oh right – your mom reads this
Tony: Also my boss.
Keira-Anne: Oh right! Can I say panty?
Tony: You can say anything that would go in the newspaper.
Keira-Anne: Panty would go in the newspaper. Like on page…79. Victoria’s Secret’s Huge Blowout Panty Sale! I’d attend that.
Tony: I thought girls hated that word.
Keira-Anne: I love it. Funny you should say that though, because most girls I know hate it when I say “panty.”
Tony: Isn’t that a word girls use from the beginning of life?
Keira-Anne: cvh xznwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnwzU************cmv t
That was Eli. He meant to say “panty”

Tony: The lil’ pussy cat?
Keira-Anne: Mmhmm.
Tony: Damn cute thing that cat!
Keira-Anne: He’s awesome. He took a Photo Booth photo for the busblog.
Tony: I have no idea what that is.
Keira-Anne: Photo Booth is a program on Mac computers that lets you take serious or silly or topless pictures of yourself with your built-in camera.
Tony: Ahhhhhhhhhh…f Macs.
Keira-Anne: f PCs. PCs don’t let you insta-boob unless you buy a webcam.
Tony: With the savings of not buying a Mac, one could buy 57 webcams. One for each of my boobs.
Keira-Anne: Well, I just sent you a busblog e-mail with two Photo Booth pics. The first one offers lovely boob accentuation. If accentuation is a word.
Tony: Awwwwwwww…very sweet.
Keira-Anne: Waaaaaaaait a minute. You have 57 boobs?
Tony: Sure. I have 28 1/2 girlfriends here.
Keira-Anne: That’s an odd number tho. Or you’re in an Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi film…but I forget what it was called.
You know – the one with the chick with the three boobs.
Tony: Running man?
Keira-Anne: No…
Tony: Last Action Hero?
Keira-Anne: No the one with Sharon Stone. Total Recall.
Tony: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…I don’t recall it.
Keira-Anne: “He’s a farking idiot. What guy from…c’mon” He means that with love.
Tony: The best part about not remembering movies is you can see ‘em again and all’s well.
Keira-Anne: I would agree with that. I LOVE to watch movies over and over again.

Tony: You should see what I saw this weekend. If Canaduh has it.
Keira-Anne: What did you see? Oh we probably have it.
Tony: Synectady New York. Charles Kaufman.
Keira-Anne: Hmmm and why should I see this?
Tony: Dude who wrote being John Malkovich. Cuz it’s crazy and wild and weird and will help you figure out direction in life.
Keira-Anne: Hmmm I guess I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.
Tony: Also I think everyone should turn their Mac cameras on, gather their vinyl or CDs and do this:
Keira-Anne: Do tell.
Tony: Like This, But one must paint their face like a crazy injun. And grow a beard.

Keira-Anne: That’s a long video. If a YouTube video is longer than like 2 mins, I never watch it.
Tony: So make it 2 mins. “I love Hanson.”
Keira-Anne: I watched about 45 seconds of it.
Tony: “this is their first record called We’re Not Gay.”
Keira-Anne: Whaaaaaat? Is that what he says?
Tony: No that’s what you’d say.
Keira-Anne: They’re not gay. I bet Taylor would’ve…you know.
Tony: I do?
Keira-Anne: f
Tony: Dudes?
Keira-Anne: No dudes! Dude is a bad word!
Tony: Ah crap forgot. Do you know that song “Don’t call me dude”?
Keira-Anne: I would pull my super soaker out of my Marc Jacobs tote and squirt you in the face if I could right now.
Nope, I don’t.
Tony: Scatterbrain. Sorta cowboy punk. Rockabillyish. But then turns metalllllll.
Keira-Anne: At first I wasn’t sure what it was going to be…
Tony: 1989-1990. Best period for music since 1964.
Keira-Anne: I miss music the way it used to be.

Tony: Sigh. Ok so which Canuck twin is your favorite?
Keira-Anne: I don’t follow the Canucks and I definitely don’t follow the Sedin twins.
Tony: Why not?!?!
Keira-Anne: Why watch Canucks games when i can watch re-runs of Law & Order: SVU?
Tony: Get outta town!
Keira-Anne: You like it too?
Tony: No but Charles Barkley loves it. And my momma.
Keira-Anne: Your momma and I should watch it together sometime.
Tony: I would like that.
Keira-Anne: I have a huge crush on Chris Meloni… and pretty much everyone that’s ever been on OZ stars on SVU at one point or another. I would like that too. I’d make her buttery stovetop popcorn. Does your momma like popcorn?
Tony: Of course!
Keira-Anne: Then popcorn she shall have!

Tony: Ok anything else you wanna say to the busblog readers on this, your 23rd b-day?
Keira-Anne: I don’t knowwww…um, thanks for reading my interview if you made it this far (buy me Marc Jacobs) and I hope you keep reading the busblog because (buy me Marc Jacobs) Tony is truly a great guy who’s a lot of (buy me Marc Jacobs) fun, and if you comment on his blog often, maybe drop him a bus blog e-mail and (buy me Marc Jacobs) tell him to VISIT VANCOUVER AGAIN ALREADY. Geez. Howzat?
Tony: Hahaha perfecto! Happy birthday, Keira-Anne!
Keira-Anne: Thank you, Tony.
Tony: xoxoxox
Keira-Anne: i’m smiling, k?
Tony: Kiss the kitty for me! Yay!
Keira-Anne: I will!

wanna step into the past? then join us for the last time keira-anne was interviewed on the busblog in rocktober of 2007. all photos by keira-anne except for the side boob one.