your questions answered by your boy tony

Gage: gimme a song lyric that describes your headspace right now. What about last year? 5 years ago? Is that too many questions?

now: Let’s get lost tonight / You can be my black Kate Moss tonight
last year: I need you to hurry up now / ‘Cause I can’t wait much longer. / I know I got to be right now / ‘Cause I can’t get much wronger.
five years ago: You should be honored by my lateness / That I would even show up to this fake sh*t.

Keira-Anne: What should I do?

pray, dream, do the things to make those dreams come true, thank God, repeat

Edward Padgett: Who will own the Los Angeles Times after the breakup of the Tribune Company?


tina: If you had a magical purple crayon with which to draw things in your life into fruition, what would you draw?

a screeching gibson sg of fire lust and righteousness, thirsty for truth, hungry for evil, and more than willing to be set aflame for art.

Kris: In a fist fight between a young Robert Plant and a current Axl Rose – who would win?

robert plant has never been anything more than a long haired lover more into chrystals dungeons and dragons and flower power. axl is from indiana who will jump into a crowd while wearing a leather vest and an oakland raider jersey. axl might not be able to write appetite for destruction any more, but he can beat down yr ass.

matt mills: just quit my soul sucking day job. where can I find a real photography job (doing good creative work)?

if i knew the answer to that, i would tell my buddies joey maloney and kogasnake who take the most beautiful rock photos and for some reason they dont end up in the pages of rolling stone or spin. my advice, keep clicking, give them to your local version of LAist or heck maybe even LAist themselves. and then pray to get discovered.

Edward Padgett: Caught a rumor on Twitter regarding the firing of Nikki Finke, is this true?

if you look at the chain of Nikki rumors on Twitter – first someone said that Nikki reported that Viacom had laid off lots of MTV folk. then someone said that Viacom fired Nikki (she doesnt work for Viacom, she is one of the stars of the LA Weekly), then someone said they wont miss Nikki due to her firing. so i think it was a typical game of Telephone and she is still writing like crazy for the Weekly.

sass: What is your favourite Christmas song? What should I wear when I record that for Sunday’s Sing-A-Long?

“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” by Springsteen – but they play it way too much nowadays. You should record the Little Drummer Boy song, cuz when a hot babe sings it chills usually go down the spine of the audience.

Ali: How old do you have to be to not be described as “hot” anymore?

69, ironically.

4rilla: Your thoughts on the NHL Winter Classic taking place @ Wrigley Field on New Years Day.

as you might recall, i was about 20 minutes away from Buffalo last new years day with a beautiful stripper/blogger and i said hey lets go see this craziness, and ended up watching it on tv and saying “why did i let her say no to me???”

this year i will be in chicago but i wont be there thru new years. but if i did find myself there i wouldnt go. even though i like the idea of playing hockey outside in a football or baseball stadium, Wrigley Field is a holy place. it could be one of the most sacred places in all of North America. because of that they shouldnt play football games there unless Pappa Bear is roaming the sidelines, they shouldnt let Jimmy Buffett do concerts there, hell they shouldnt even be playing baseball there at night. so no, they shouldnt play hockey there. send that crud to the southside.

Alys: If you could remove one word from the English language forever, what would it be, and why? (Would it be “Moist”? ‘Cause that’s such a gross-sounding word.)

terrorist. because we’ve misused that word for far too long and now we’ve overused it to the point that it doesnt mean anything any more.

timmay: saturday or monday show? how will you prepare? how will you recover?

probably monday because i dont have tickets and it will probably be easier to get a seat monday than saturday. i will drink in the parking lot, as i should. but not to extreme because i have to drive home. theres no recovery from an AC/DC show at the forum. your life is changed forever.

Dan: did you get the facebook virus?

no, im pretty lucky. but i wanted to make it so that more people didnt have to rely on luck to save their precious computers and the priceless materials within.

miguel: Knowing how sh*tty it feels when I hit on a girl I really like and she blows me off I have a hard time on the rare occasions when it’s my turn to turn down advances from females I’m not interested in, especially because I appreciate so much the courage it takes to make the first move. Being a blogging superstar I’m sure you’ve had to deal with this issue. How do you put them down gently?

i have never encountered a polite rejection. by that i mean, every rejection that i receive stings just as badly as the next one. no matter how sweet they are or how not sweet they are when they say no to me, i dont like it. mostly because romantic rejection, unlike any other sort of rejection (job, poetry submission, hot or not poll, etc) is a complete rejection of YOU – literally body soul and mind. and worse, your love machine.

with that said, when i break up or if i dont even wanna go there, i will usually say “you should run from me, im evil, and when im at my worst im Christian. and im gonna wanna make out with your friends and then blog about it. so run.” if your blog is any good, they’ll gladly follow your advice.

adriel: why does money change people?

because money is the most unnatural part of human existence. money has no place in the animal kingdom and none in Heaven. its purely a mundane concept that even Jesus himself rejected “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”. it puts employees in the awkward position of biting their tongues because they dont wanna get fired, it puts employers in the awkward position of sometimes firing the best people because they get paid “too much”, it makes ridiculous men attractive to women who should know better, and it tempts people to take on professions that they would otherwise have no interest in if it didnt pay so much. rarely does it lead people to achieve their dreams or to act in a purely honest, holy way.

one of the more interesting things that i have discovered living in LA for as long as i have, is that children of very rich parents usually turn into the most f-ed up adults. there are exceptions of course, and sometimes those kids can get out of the death spiral, but compared to children of middle classed parents, rich kids are almost always bonkers for a much longer time.

it drove my mother insane that i resisted jobs that could have paid me double or triple than what i could have made. when i was first laid off of my (relatively) high paying job at the dot com, i begged to return to the company at a significant pay cut ($12/hr) because i believed in the company (its still around today) and because i loved the people (like karisa and others). at $12 an hour my shift started at 6am, i had very little power, and i had to deal with angry customers who didnt understand technology. but i enjoyed that job way more than if i had been paid tons more than that and it led to a chain of events that led to where i am now, which is a great place that i still cant believe.

its that journey thats valuable. not any bank account, and certainly not any stock portfolio. whats important about the journey is you learn (especially when youre broke) what truly makes you happy and satisfied. rarely is it fancy gadgets or the “security” of a wad of cash. usually its faith, love, and charity, as corny as that sounds.

David: are you a fan of either entourage or its always sunny in philadelphia? if so, do you think the latter’s a good outlet for danny devito?

big fan of entourage because i love perpetuating the myth of hollywood and i think its one of the few shows out there that does that. never seen asip but i hear good things. but i dont think its a good outlet for danny cuz not enough people (myself included) watch F/X or whatever channel its on.