ucla undie run captured on video

in a pretty cool tradition involving sometimes cold temps, alcohol, the “celebration” of finals, and running around campus in underwear, the UCLA Undie Run took place last year even though the cops really wanted it to go away this year.

LAT blogger of the UCLA What’s Bruin blog, and former LAist Sports Editor, Adam Rose not only shot this video, but edited it, added music and wrote a good post. in these days where people are losing their jobs due to budget cuts and the crappy economy, Adam is proving that if you have the skills to pay the bills, and the nose for news (or in this case semi-news), and a great personality, you will survive.

she said where should we meet?

i said amoeba. she said wheres that?

i said, are you a cop?

she said, i mean which one?

i said, are you a space alien?

she giggled but didnt answer.

i said, not that i would mind, ive made out with a few who i suspected of space alienry, but this would be the first confirmed encounter.

she said, do you want to meet me or not?

and then i thought if this chick swears she’s lived in LA for years, yet doesnt know where amoeba is, we probably dont have much of a future. so i hung up.