ashley answers yr questions

Have you scene the movie Zeigeist? If so, what did you think of it?

No I haven’t – do you recommend it?

Is it a crime to leave blogger for wordpress?

Not at all, you should use whatever you like more. Back in August, I started using WordPress for the updates on my Drew Barrymore site & I love it.

innie or outtie?


What kind of cookies should I bake for Christmas? I’m baking for about ten.

Do cupcakes instead! They look more impressive, but they’re actually a lot easier to make. And they’re ALWAYS a crowdpleaser.

and omg Tony will answer these questions…

1. “touch too much” or “walk all over you” ?
2. vicodin or percocet??
3. what happens to us when we die???

1. how ya gonna top this?:

It wasn’t the first / It wasn’t the last / She knew we was making love

I was so satisfied / Deep down inside / Like a hand in a velvet glove

It’s feels like a touch / a touch too much

2. any time youre doing anything rush limbaugh did you’re probably on the wrong path

3. milk, honey, and front row tickets to jimi

why don’t the dudes in the ucla undie run at :43 just make out and get it over with?

cuz they havent won the lord stanley cup yet.

keira-anne anneswers yr questions

Have you scene the movie Zeigeist? If so, what did you think of it?

keira-anne: No, I have not seen it. Anytime there’s hype written all over something, it’s a major turn-off. Same goes for that movie about vampires that has all the other young ladies changing their panties.

Thong, g-string, panties or commando? Why?

Awww I’m blushing. Booty shorts or thong

1. “touch too much” or “walk all over you” ?
2. vicodin or percocet??
3. what happens to us when we die???

1. Um, what?
2. Gravol
3. I’m bored.

1. Which of the Jonas Bros will be the first to succumb to groupie love?
2. The George Perros ‘stache, yea or nay?

1. Who?
2. What?

Is it a crime to leave blogger for wordpress?

It’s not a crime – in fact, it’s encouraged. I switched to WP over a year ago and haven’t looked back since.


Keira-Anne, do people often misspell the “Keira” part of your name? They mess up “Keir” all the time for me. I before E and all that. Perhaps Canadians know how to spell better than Americans. Who knows.

Yes…it’s pretty much never-ending and I’m always in amazement when someone spells it correctly without even asking. Most common are Kyra, Kiera, Kierra, Kara, Kira and who knows what else. My favourite is when someone writes to me on my Facebook wall or something and mis-spells my name even though it’s right there in black and white. People are lazy.

Which leg could you live without? Right? Left? (or Third?)


Is a man better off smoking weed frequently or not at all? I’m 28 and take care of business but have never any balance between the two.

I’m going to go with the “not at all” option. For anyone.

what’s your dream?


What kind of cookies should I bake for Christmas? I’m baking for about ten.

You should make these. They’re easy, yummy and always the hit of any Christmas party

thanks keira-anne!!

my buddy joe found an old book of poems i gave him many christmases ago

and he said, “dude even a gazillion years ago you were an old man whining about this and complaining about that.”

which is why i failed to mention what i liked at the beverly center this weekend.

of course i liked the company and the delicious soup at pf changs.

but the beverly center has something that i dont think many malls have – hunky santa and the candy cane girls.

now hunky santa has been interviewed a few times in the local paper, but omg these candy cane girls – i totally underestimated them.

for some reason i just thought they were sorta inappropriate sultry vixens that danced around.

yes some of them dance, but some of them hang from the ceilings by nothing but a banner of sheet-like material, and one of them was on stilts.

it was truly amazing to see

there was even a magician

it got everyone pumped up, and i dont know much about sales psychology (ok i do) but it was working.

people were smiling and clapping and they wanted to hang out at the mall which is quite a trick in LA where there are multiple options on a sunday in a town with no pro football team.

male model duane storey is packing up his speedo

and moving ooooot of vancity

the talented photographer and party host, the once host of the busblog, duane said in his blog yesterday:

A few minutes ago, I delivered my 30 days notice to my current company. It is something that I have debated doing for quite some time now, not because I don’t like where I work or the people that work there, but mostly because my job is in a field I no longer find that interesting. I have been employed there for nearly five years at this point, which is strange when I think about it. I was actually out at UBC doing my master’s degree in 2004 when I answered a call in the video lab (also strange, because I hated being on campus for any length of time) for a company in Vancouver that was looking for a video expert. Jump ahead five years, and here I am.

bros moving to Chilliwack. the apartment he says is “around 1200 sq. feet, and is basically brand new. It has stainless steel appliances, a gas fireplace, dark hardwood floors, two full bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, large patio, dining room and a den, which I plan to use as an office. The best part is it’s for less money than I pay for my 700 square foot, one bedroom apartment here in Vancouver.”

his apartment in vancouver is pretty bad ass. check out his view.