dont give way to hating

a busblog poetry moment

Rod Blagojevich delivers the speech of the year while busting with the Kipling.



if you recall, not long ago the next president of the united states told the illinois governor to step down,
and told the world that he had lost his ability to govern

and instead of bowing to Obamamania and writing off his political life by admitting in any way that he had allegedly tried to not just sell the soon to be vacant senate seat of the first black president of the usa, but other anti american dirty deeds; blago bleautifully recites a defiant poem of courage and masculinity
whos complete version concludes by proclaiming that If you can remain strong against adversity, false claims, and tragedy, then “Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And–which is more–you’ll be a Man, my son!”.

classic kipling but the only problem is blago clearly hadn’t read the whole poem (and certainly didnt recite it all) because in order to “be a Man”, according to “If”, one has to not only has to remain strong after being falsely accused, but he has to also

make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breath a word about your loss

old rudyard didnt call the poem “Or”, it’s called “If”

if you do this that and other thing.
not this that or the other thing.

If the governor of illinios wants us to see his stubbornness as a mirror to “if’s” unrealistic ideals, then bro owes all of us one quick high stakes game of pitch-and-toss

a game i understand they play in marion as well

your questions, my answers

5chw4r7z: If you could give a Christmas present to anyone in the world, who would it be? If you could get a Christmas present from anyone in the world who would it be?

The best Christmas present I could give is a way for my mom to retire and for her house to be paid off. She should be enjoying her grandchildren instead of working now. But alas her retirement was effected big time by the stock market, etc. As for gifts for me? I’m pretty much the man who has everything at this point, so im hard to gift for. I guess I would like someone smart and wealthy to buy my Chicago Cubs. That would be a pretty great gift for more folks than just me.

Basart: You coming to SXSW this year?

SXSW is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only am I going but I’m trying to recruit others to come too. I totally forgot that you’re right downtown. Sounds like party at your pad one of those nights!

Ciavarro: Why does Pitt always have to stick his big mic nose in to everyone’s business?

I believe the correct spelling of that slur has a “k” at the end. Also, i dont think that’s his nose.

what happened to funny pages 2.0? it was the only blog worth reading on WTF? and can you hook me up with that st.clare chick if she is single? thanks, mike ps. Lakers or celtics?

this comment is offensive on many levels. we have 42 blogs at the times, surely theres something that reaches out to people who would ask those last two questions. oh, maybe not after all.

harris: what did YOU think of Zeitgeist, in relation to your own religious beliefs?

havent seen zeitgeist yet. hard to believe that any online movie would alter my religious beliefs. although i am open to re-thinking my beliefs, me and The Big Guy have a pretty good thing going and it quite possibly could be a total imaginary thing, but it sure seems to be working fairly smoothly.

bloopy: not that i came up with a question worth asking her but what happened with karisa’s answers to last week’s questions?. . . also, yeah, what’s up with funny pages 2.0?. . .

karisa has been very busy. she got a new job, she got her hair did, shes trying to maintain the tan she acquired while in St. Croix. plus shes training for a marathon, and also working on various remodeling projects around her home.

she says that she will answer those questions shortly. if you have some more, put them in these comments.

as for funny pages… when Christie did allthingschristie she was able to get the newest videos, web stories, blog posts and she pretty much had the market cornered in regards to spreading the news. nowadays there’s twitter, digg, google trends, reddit… so many big time competitors that tell you whats viral and cool out there. so funny pages, which was me and Christie’s idea, by the way, never really found the large audience that she deserved.

her posts were great, she is great, what she wrote was funny, we even had her post a tad in Hero Complex, but for some reason that blog never took off on the times. maybe our readers weren’t ready for it – who knows. but we sadly had to pull the plug on it and i miss it and think about it and her everyday. *frowny face*

miguel: How come you haven’t talked about your company’s bankruptcy or Sam Zell being called The Worst CEO? I’m sure it’s been the talk of the office.

from the award winning how to blog “25… dont write about your work unless you dont care about getting fired.”

with that said, when our competitors talk trash about our owners we dont really pay too much attention. i can honestly say that that particular blog post has gotten zero people talking in this office, far as i heard.

as for our financials. i was a poetry major so i dont understand much about those money things. or how disney was able to file for that thing seven times, or how cities and counties have filed for it, let alone a media company. all i know is the lights are on here, we keep putting out and producing papers, and we are getting more readers to our site than ever before, even more than our competitor that you linked to.

she said, you tricked me into doing

what i told you the other day i was gonna do

and she had a cute skirt on, chocolate tights cuz its been cold,
big mary tyler more jacket
and a smart velvet hat
with no brim
which mysteriously
was ridiculously cute.

we ate mediocre sushi and picked out baby names and playfully bickered

yr an asswipe.


no really youre super selfish and sorta an a whole.


even my roomate says that if you werent so selfish youd be a keeper.


the problem was it didnt melt in your mouth. sushi should do that.


yeah well you lied that one time


duh it was a joke. obvs. like i would really have mono?


she asked for shredded beets and in seconds there was a tiny plate of shredded beet


my sister used to smell her food. this girl smelled her food also.


at one point of the evening she said take me home. except she was mad.

i said are you going to talk to me? she said no. so i turned off the bluegrass and tried to find the king talk show host on the satelite radio.

he was at commercial, so i just played the game silently in my head.





the edge