my computer is on its last legs

this is probably the last post it will make

because my brother-in-law is a computer genius he figured out that there is a short between the video card and the motherboard thats making it act like a mother. so he rigged it so that if i dont touch the computer then i can make this post. so he dug up a mouse and a keyboard. so hi.

all i wanted to say is that its butt cold here in chicago and i thank my bro bobby d for the offer of monday night football tickets against the packers tomorrow night but if it wasnt for Winter Storm Warnings on the tv all day that said DONT GO OUTSIDE UNLESS ITS AN EMERGENCY then i might take him up on his offer. i went out anyways with my mom cuz there was no old style beer at my sisters house, also because my mom needed a new headlight bulb. speaking of… it was real nice to see Artie’s book in the airport book store.

i also wanted to show you this creepy device.

its a plastic toilet seat cover that rotates from left to right. (or would that be counter clockwise?) it doesnt keep rotating. theres a number at the top of the toilet deal and a button. when you click the button the plastic rotates through and the number goes down one. apparently thats how many portions of clean plastic are left.

sitting down on plastic is odd. but i did it. for science. and for the busblog. and so far i dont have HIV so as that fine philospher Borat once said “great success!”

tomorrow im driving downtown. its gonna be 2 degrees. with windchill factor it will be minus gazillion. then like i said there will also be a huge football game to be played. rivals. winner gets free beer for a year. all i wanna do is see the trib and take pics and talk to the good people and maybe see if they will show me what office mike royko used to work in.

then tuesday i have a hot date with a young lady who may or may not know the intricacies of the west coast game of Stopwatch. hopefully my stopwatch is in better shape than my thinkpad.

not sure what im gonna do in that department. i know many of you will say, finally, go get a mac! but im a pc. during any other time my company would buy me a computer but they seem to like dells, and like i said, im a pc.

good news is, computers have never been cheaper and i got this laptop from the generousness of busblog reader urban hayseed right after i was canned at buzznet, which was more than two years ago. since then ive come and gone at LAist and then did a year at the Times. while at LAist i drove around the country with this computer so i gotta say i squeezed a lot of rock outta this thing.

maybe this malfunction was the Lords way of telling me to take a week off blogging?


i am in chicago

it is so cold even the cold is cold.

the wind was blowing so hard that when the limo driver picked me up at the airport he didnt say anything and i didnt say anything and i just sat in the very back for a good 15 minutes in all my clothes and coat and scarf and just waited for the blood to regain to my face.

actually the driver didnt say jack to me probably because the roads werent good and snow was every where not to mention ice. and wind. and that was fine with me because i couldnt see out of the windows. i just listened to howard stern interview the penthouse pet of the year and a porn star and i ate mcdonalds at midnight.

and i wondered why i left beautiful los angeles

land of palm trees and endless summer

home of year round bikini stores and dudes who wear shorts in decemeber. saw one of them at the airport.

i think i was invited to a bar crawl tonight by this gentleman, but i havent even gotten out of bed. theres a two hour time diff here.

in other news i smell bacon.

in other news i have 666 facebook friends. i wonder if i can keep it at that for a while.

in other news, dont tell karisa that i will probably eat said bacon.

in crazy news – woman twitters a plane crash!

in better news the wind is roaring. and i think i hear my lil nephew.


i am in chicago where it is 9 degrees

and snow is blowing around everywhere

this is mini raymi in toronto.

on my flight out here somehow i pulled a middle seat again.

funny joke, airline gods, but the joke is now officially over.

and of course the girl with the window seat had to use the bathroom three times

once i caught her vaulting over me.

zulekia in massasnowchettes has problems many women wish they had, so i hear.