festive goat burns again!

but first this video from my neice

A giant straw goat erected each Christmas in a northern Swedish town has been burned down – yet again.

The 13m-high (43ft) animal in Gavle has been torched 23 times since it was first erected in 1966. It has also been hit by a car and had its legs cut off.

The vandals are rarely caught, though in 2001 a 51-year-old American tourist spent 18 days in jail after being convicted of setting it alight.

In 2007, the goat managed to make it through the festive season unscathed.

Goat committee spokeswoman Anna Ostman said she was saddened to learn that this year’s unlucky creature had been set on fire early on Saturday morning.

But she said: “We have been so happy that he survived through Christmas Eve, which is the toughest period every year.

“So far this year, people from 105 countries have followed the goat via the webcams and many become really sad when they learn that he’s burned down.”

The 7m-long (23ft), three tonne goat was originally designed to attract tourists to Gavle, which is 106 miles (170km) north of the Swedish capital.

is there something wrong with me that makes me happy that this goat keeps getting set on fire?

In 2005, it was torched by two arsonists dressed as Father Christmas and the Gingerbread Man.

Authorities in Gavle have tried to protect the goat using fireproofing chemicals and security guards.

But just 10 of the goats, which are built in the town’s central square, have survived beyond Christmas since 1966.

read the whole thing here which also includes a photo of the doomed beast-replica.

omg more christmas pics

i know youre excited

the kids laid out a cookie and milk for santa, and an apple
and a bowl of water for the reindeer. looked like the jolly elf liked the cookie
more than the apple.

the boy was amazed

the little girl liked some gifts, but loved others

even roby from italy loved her gifts

after the gifts were passed out we had dinner. the little girl wanted a beer.

and santa delivered!

we had fish and pasta for dinner because of a wardrobe malfunction

the boy didnt notice

i said little boy, show me the face the dogs are making outside in the snow

then i said flash me some gang signs

hope you all had a merry christmas!